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It has been a long journey with these peppers but I have finally reaped the rewards!! They have reddened at long last and with that I was able to pick my first healthy pepper this weekend. It was sweet and delicious, a true win. I cut it up as a pizza topping and it was the best pizza I've made in ages! Happy Gardeningchef.

We had a stormy weekend here and temperatures have dropped ever so slightly, Autumn is round the corner and I am looking forward to seeding a new crop. Lots of leafy greens and warm comforting meals will be making an appearance on my blog in no time.

How are your gardens doing? I'd love to see what you've made with your homegrown veg. My pizza was pretty simple but I am sure there are loads of inspiring foodie posts out there so do link away!


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Emmmm looks Really delicious 😍😍

Excellent peppers, beautiful and the best thing is that you used them for your pizza. Great.
Well I have planted white basil, oregano, and good grass in my garden. I love planting plants and flowers.
pizza is very tasty


Thanks @mirla33, glad you liked the peppers! The pizza was great indeed. White basil eh? That's new to me. I would love to grow oregano too. I will look into both of those! I wish you luck with your plants :D

Wow beautiful looks!! I am a great fun of you my friend. Congratulate!


Thank you @fatima92! I am a happy gardener :)

Congratulations! What a treat! You were persistent and this is your reward! :)


Hey girl! It sure was a treat, I am a happy bunny this week. Hope all is well with you :D


I'm going well, thank you! And I'm sure you're doing pretty great with your harvest! :)

Wow ... homegrown organic "show winning" peppers producing ultra delicious pizza - FANTASTIC!!

Btw: I see some beautiful little wood sorrel growing in the bottom right of the 1st pic - do snip some of that up (with your nails or scissors) and add to your salads or sandwiches for a nutritious, delicious lemony flavoured herb!

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Thank you for your kind words @icedrum - it sure won in my kitchen! Ahh yes the wood sorrel, it grows everywhere! No stopping it. I shall consider adding it to my dishes, thank you for the tip and support!

Wow! Those look fabulous! So big and red and chunky!!! I am so thrilled for your gardening success! You have worked hard through a long hot summer and you truly deserve some delicious rewards! probably the best looking bell pepper... in the world!😍Leafy Greensthrough the autumn sound superb too, I can’t wait to see what you grow and what you do with them.


Thanks @sallybeth23, I have been hard at it in the garden indeed, and I am happy to see the rewards from it. The weather is definitely cooling down here so I am now able to work on getting those leafy greens in order :D how's jungle life?


Jungle life is good thanks. Just harvested some turmeric the other day. it’s my super booster healthy tonic drink with lemon and honey these days. ❤️🌈🌴🦋💛

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That is a beautiful sight! We are finally getting some late season tomatoes, and hoping for some squash. If not the compost pile is getting really ripe and rich to be able to put to use next year! :)


Thank you @plantstoplanks, I am glad you think so! Better than any shop bought pepper if I do say so myself ;) that's great you are getting some tomatoes, what variety do you have? Fingers crossed for squash :D


Oh I can imagine how tasty those are compared to the store! The Cherokee Purple and Speckled Roman finally gave us fruit. We've had to ripen them up in a paper bag, but at least there have been enough to enjoy. I think there are some variety of cherry tomatoes popping a few out now, too, so maybe we'll have enough of those to make a salad. :)


Mmm cherry tomatoes in salad are my favourite!

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