RE: Spotted : Flowering Spurs On Some Of My Fruiting Plants

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Spotted : Flowering Spurs On Some Of My Fruiting Plants

in gardening •  2 months ago 

thank you for droppin by mon ami
sorry for the late reply
I haven't logged in for days

I didn't know that the video is not working must be the setting thank you for the information.

Mon ami, I've just seen your message on my discord haven't logged in there for a long time.
I tried replyin to it but the bot says its not possible.

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hi ya mon ami!

Lovely to 'see' you.

Do not know regarding Discord.....I have moved some tabs about...please try again......i tried to find you in the directory....but no luck....I shall try again......

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. ^__^

A binetot! xox


thanks mon ami, shall do that
I just saw you popped out at my steemworld atm
let me recharge and get back at you in the morrow
take care mon ami xx


Thank you @englishtchrivy,

Here's hoping you will check Steem chat.....

Appreciate your support mon ami!

All the best.



hey, I did check it