Ragtag Garden - Off To A Good Start!

in gardening •  7 months ago

In just over a week and with a little bit of rain, the radish crop is looking very promising!

I've left the lid on most of the time to foil the birds who like these tasty treats. The temps have even been cooperating by staying on the cool side.

We also got some tomato seeds planted. Athough it's a late start, we're hoping they'll do well because we used last season's (blue) buckets that had the peas in them.

If you recall, I over-fertilized the peas and it killed them. I figure between that blast of fertilizer and the nitrogen the peas leave in the soil, the tomatoes will be happy there.

One bucket got three of the plum tomato seeds since there were only a dozen left over from last year.

The other two blue buckets got three seeds each of the dark Moscow variety. This is our first year trying these.

We have rain and mild temps in the forecast for the next week, so all of the plants should be set up to get a good start.

Fingers crossed!

Stay Tuned For The Next Installment - Coming Soon!

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I mentioned you in my latest post💜


Thank you, darlin'!

Go @aunt-deb. You have begun the 2018 rag-tag garden. It was a challenge this year, but you have done it. So happy you got started on it last fall. I think it was a smart move. ❤️🐓🐓


Thanks for the encouragement! It sure helps keep the motivation factor high!

@aunt-deb You have earned a random upvote from @botreporter because this post did not use any bidbots.


Thanks for the support for the 'no-bot' users!


It is real pleasure, nice to see quality work ... keep it up!

Hooray to the promise of a good crop!
Isn’t it exciting to see seeds sprout?
Hugs your way!


Love the sprouts! I think I like watching them come up almost as much as I do harvesting them. ;~D

Do you worry about the bpa chemicals in the plastic containers? Or is it over exaggerated? Were the seeds expensive? I love your posts by the way. So happy I just started my seedlings too! Thanks for sharing.


I probably would worry more about the bpa if the buckets hadn't been sitting out in all kind of weather for a decade. The harmful stuff is most likely leached out & has been washed away by now. If I get any new ones, I'll make sure they're food grade. Good question!

The radishes were inexpensive - couple of bucks. The plum tomatoes were saved from a plant I had last year and the Moscow variety came in a batch of seeds I won in a contest right here on Steemit! Some of the others from that batch should be hitting the dirt soon.

Congrats on getting yours started! Love this time of year and watching the seedlings take off!


After I water them, seems like they were growing in front of my eyes. Thanks for the info. Chili peppers are next!!

You are a new gardener ..My hobby gardening.This my home gardening flower..FB_IMG_1526565285881.jpg


Beautiful flowers! Great job!

I'm not actually new to gardening. This is just this season's start to the vegetables. Look for more in the coming days!

impressive deb!! way to get your garden in!! <3


Thanks! Seeing this many sprouts all at once is certainly motivational. Am hoping to get a lot more going in the next few weeks.

That's great mine is at least showing some slight of life. We been getting loads of rain. Have a great weekend.


Thanks! Here's hoping the rain doesn't get out of hand for either of us. Have a great weekend, too!