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Daffodils are one sign that spring is coming and last year I planted 50 all in one patch to give a yellow look to a dark and gloomy area of my garden.

Today I went out to check on the progress of my daffodils and they are coming up nicely.




Shouldn't be to long now until the flowers start to bloom.
I have noticed that something has been eating the flower heads and I have an idea on what it could be.

With us living next to a field that contains horses we saw last year so many rabbits running around this could be the possible cause for the missing flower heads.

The rabbits made their way on to my garden area last year and tucked into my cabbages which wasn't a great deal as they were not grown for our consumption, they were for the butterflies.

I thought that I would give you all a sneak peak into my garden area, this is what I have been working on for the past two years and there is still loads of work to do before it is complete.

when I first moved in the area was over run with weeds, the area was a blackberry bush haven and nettles were every inch that was free.
house bricks and other waste that had been dumped on there over the years covered the space and it took me nearly a year to clear it all.

Now I have put a boarder in to make it look more like a garden that someone would be proud of.




My greenhouse has been put to work this year, I got it for free last year but by the time I had got it erect it wasn't the time to put flowers and seeds in it as it was winding down for winter.

This year I have plans to fill the whole garden with flowers ranging from thyme marigolds petunias fuchsias and others that are brilliant for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

It is going to take some time to get the garden in a state that I would like. there is a lot of weeding and planting but this should be the best garden I have done so far.

lets see what 2020 holds for this space.

happy steeming guys and until next time.


The flowers plan sounds good - the bees will be happy.

I can't wait spring can't come quick enough for me. roll on summer. :D

I look forward to seeing it. I have also had plenty of mess to clear and it is taking me much longer

I don't know about you @nikv there seems to be stuff on the land that I didn't put there, I have found all sorts, plastic glass and even jars, it seems like the winter must have brought it with it. I don't know.
looking forward to spring and summer.

I had to sieve everything in the end. I found 100-year-old glass, coins, all sorts. Even an old English penny from colonial days

I was sieving my garden last year to get out all the none garden products out and I found a 1972 matchbox car hidden deep.
I was talking to my neighbour about it and he told me that the backs of the houses when they were first built were great, people had them as gardens and would spend time in them, then when the pits closes the people who lived in these houses started to move out and people stopped taking care of the gardens.
so he thinks that the car would have been in the ground for a good 30 years.
it wasn't in that bad of condition to be honest, the paint work had pealed off but other than that the cars wheels turned.

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