I don't know about you @nikv there seems to be stuff on the land that I didn't put there, I have found all sorts, plastic glass and even jars, it seems like the winter must have brought it with it. I don't know.
looking forward to spring and summer.

I had to sieve everything in the end. I found 100-year-old glass, coins, all sorts. Even an old English penny from colonial days

I was sieving my garden last year to get out all the none garden products out and I found a 1972 matchbox car hidden deep.
I was talking to my neighbour about it and he told me that the backs of the houses when they were first built were great, people had them as gardens and would spend time in them, then when the pits closes the people who lived in these houses started to move out and people stopped taking care of the gardens.
so he thinks that the car would have been in the ground for a good 30 years.
it wasn't in that bad of condition to be honest, the paint work had pealed off but other than that the cars wheels turned.

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