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Dear Steemians!

Are you interested in gardening? Would you like to handle a bit demandingly? Would you learn a new technique in growing plants for your own use? Or would you like to build up a sustainable farm of growing vegetables? If you would, stay tuned and watch some interesting videos about "Aquaponics".

Aquaponics is able to grow large amounts of vegetables or herbs with a minimum of costs and manpower. If you love to handle with fish, you will use a system with fish. If you don´t, its possible to use aquaponics without fish. Learn, how it works.

Watch this video "What is Aquaponics?"; in about half an hour you will have an idea of how it works. Later on we can go into the deep. Enjoy and be inspired!

What do you think now? Are you inspired? Will you know a bit more about aquaponics? I will present you further informations in the coming days.

See you again …


Loved the video and having such a thurough explanation of aquaponics as a system! Didn't even know that the technology existed. Would you happen to know how much energy is required to run a standard 2 tub system and also how that may scale with increasing in size?

Thanks for your comment! I´m sorry not knowing these details. I´m sure you will get it from the www. Good luck!

Hi @multi92 I will be able to assist you with that check out my links on my page. What size are the pumps and how many litres are the tubs? There should be a wattage indicator on the pumps?

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