Zero-waste means absolutely zero-waste for me

in garden •  11 months ago

Here is my idea for all big cities with a problem of discarded fridges on the street. Jut make pots out of them and plant anything inside. In my project last year I’ve planted sunflowers and tomatoes in a fridge I’ve found outside on my road. I’ve even managed to get free soil from FREECYCLE.ORG as it turned out someone nearby was digging a basement and had a lot of nice soil for free. Most people think that I’m crazy and I simply know that since I was about 3 years old. 🤣


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szalony pomysł! ale popieram za zero waste! :)

Great idea actually. Dependent on how you position them, most people wouldn't see an unsightly underside, or if they were daisy chained in a line with their bottoms touching, it actually would conceal the bottom that way as well. Good re-use of something incredibly durable that would otherwise just be in a landfill or out on a trash barge. Cheers!

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Nice, aku suka terimakasih banyak telah bersusah payah mengirimkan gambar yang menurutku sangat natural. Thank you very much

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piękne donice!

Nice photography

Owao Amazing garden.please keep it.

Hej . Widziałem że używasz botów. Ja też używam, bardzo pomagają się wybić od paru centów do czegokolwiek sensowniejszego. Polska społeczność bardzo się kłóci o te boty ostatnio.Jakie jest twoje zdanie ?


Ja nie lubię się kłócić, lubie za to testować różne opcje w celu uzyskania szerszej publiczności. Wszystko jest jawne, każdy ma nawet prawo do zaglądania do portfela innemu użytkownikowi, po co robić z tego niepotrzebne zgzyty. Ja uważam, że wolnoć Tomku w swoim domku i tyle ;)

Nice work keep it up.

nice and sweet article.followed u to see more like this