Garage Rock Stomper! Funny Feeling, by Mike Jones Group! Get Up and Dance!

in #garagerock5 years ago

Here's Mike Jones Group from Montreal Canada with their 2 minute uptempo fuzzy dance tune from 1967!

I have to agree with in their description of the song:

this snarling proto-psychedelic fireball sports a brisk beat, some dutifully fuzzed-up guitar work and a swirling organ that must have been a hoot on dance floors back in the day.

It starts with its fuzz guitar riff, then the organ, bass and kicking drums join the party. Here's the vocals:

I got a funny feeling today, that you're gonna put me down.
I got a funny feeling today, that you been running all around town.
Funny Feeling, funny feeling, oh yeah!

Your mother, she say, she don't like my hair. Well you can just tell her that I don't care!
Your father, he says he don't like me. Well just tell your old man to let me be!
Funny Feeling, funny feeling, oh yeah!

Awesome guitar break with overdubbed track.

That funny feeling soon can be gone, I know pretty baby, my love will be strong!
Don't let your mother's words upset you, 'cause you know my darling I'm living for you!
Funny Feeling, funny feeling, oh yeah!

Outro, same as the intro.

Let's dance! Get up and shake it with your @actifit fitness tracker app open in your phone and your Go Go Boots and mini skirt outfit on, just like back in the day!

Oh YEAH!!!


Thanks for sharing awesome music on Steem!

There is a lot of music from different decades on YouTube that hardly anyone has heard. I've been curating and promoting mostly forgotten Garage Rock from the mid to late 60s for years. I'm glad you find some of it to be awesome, and I agree!

Meanwhile, new bands are rehashing those 60s sounds. :)

I totally agree! I find bands that revive the 60s sound on YouTube and I have a feeling I'll find some on your blog when I get a chance to listen to what you're posting. Looking forward to hearing cool tunes!

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That's a lot of up votes! Thanks for letting me know.

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