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My fellow gamers, The #gaming channel is live on Mangosteem!


The first new channel on Mangosteem is #gaming

Read more about mangosteem in my post Mangosteem get paid by chatting on the Steemblockchain or @mynameisbrian his post Introducing Mangosteem

Head on over to the channel and let's discus gaming (and get paid while we're at it).

Link to mangosteem: Mangosteem



Hey, check my blog if u are interested by video games and retro gaming ;)

In mangosteem it will be easier to reach out to fellow gamers, no post promotion though.

Just joined it, will see if I like it or not but it's a plus for the gaming community anyway ! It could prove useful to boost the gaming tag in the rankings, well if number of comments has any effect on the ranking that is. (nevermind, the gaming tag isn't in, that's a bummer :/)

Yeah, to create the Mangosteem channel you have to add the #mangosteem-channel tag. If I add the gaming tag it might mess up the workings so I left it out.

O God, it is one of the most useful articles I have read
It's creativity continued
follow me pls

Hey @mohamedsharaf. First of all thank you and I see that you just joined Steemit so let me give you a bit of good advise. Begging for followers (especially on other people's posts) is not really appreciated. If people like your posts than they will do so. It also will not help you gain a loyal group of followers. In other words, you are using a bad strategy and risk getting muted or flagged.
Best thing to do is try and create quality content, you will get a large group of followers in no time.
Keep Steeming my brother.

The best channel till yet on Mangosteem. Join the #gaming channel on Mangosteem if you are a real gamer in the steemit and Mangosteem universe.

Our worst comes out when we behave like bots or professionals.

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