Introducing Mangosteem - Steem Powered Web Chat

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Mangosteem Chat (alpha)

Chat and Get Paid 😉


What is Mangosteem?

Mangosteem is a public web chat application powered entirely by the Steem blockchain - no private servers and/or databases involved! Simply login via Steem Connect and begin chatting on the blockchain.

Since messages are posted to the Steem blockchain all chat interactions are votable, thus the chat community can easily reward valuable contributors and discourage the trolls.

How it works?

Mangosteem chat channels are hosted by Steem accounts dedicated solely to serving as the channel chat archive. Each message posted to a channel is saved as a comment on the host account. Anyone can host a channel, but at this point in time the process is not automated. If interested in adding a new channel please get in touch for details on how to do so.


The Mangosteem alpha release is a bare bones product meant to gauge interest in a chat application run on the Steem blockchain. Depending on how the product is received further development shall proceed in the following phases:

[Phase 1] New foundation

The alpha release was developed with speed in mind. The first phase in development will be a complete rewrite of the application utilizing the proper tools, resolving known design flaws, and fixing major bugs.

[Phase 2] Additional (nice to have) public chat features

There are numerous small features absent from the alpha release that one might expect from a chat application. Phase 2 will address this by adding features such as:

  • Notifications
  • Channel Grouping (i.e Favorites)
  • Chat channel custom urls
  • Ability to edit / delete posts
  • Display votes and/or payouts on messages
  • Improved editor support for markdown, image and video posting, emojis, etc.
  • Improved cross browser compatibility and responsiveness for mobile devices
  • Admin features
  • Add custom channels within the app
  • Filtering of non-mangosteem comments
  • And more...

[Phase 3] Keeping things private

In order to be considered a true chat application Mangosteem will eventually require private messaging. Phase 3 will explore possible implementations for direct messaging and private groups, ideally minimizing dependencies on any private databases.


Interested in getting involved with the Mangosteem project? Feel free to reach out on Steemit, (@mynameisbrian), and eventually on Mangosteem ;)


Yes please

Come Chat At Mangosteem!

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Great work, finally!!

Edit: oh wait, will this add to a new blog entry visible on the likes of Steemit or something like that?

Edit 2: Nevermind, figured it out :) this is awesome to bring over existing communities / chat groups from anyone's telegram / whatsapp. I think it's okay in some ways for it to be like a glassroom.

Feedback: Ok in most cases, people chat with quick successive one-liners. Since the Steem protocol has that 20 seconds / comment limit, I think it might be possible to make it a smoother experience by grouping multiple one-liners after the first before posting it on the blockchain.

For example: I typed this and pressed enter --> this gets posted into the chain, hence begins the 20-seconds timer before the next comment is possible. So in this timeframe, any text entries will be grouped and posted as one larger comment by the end of the time limit.


Thanks for the feedback @kevinwong.

Currently the UX is limited by the design, but I think you have made some great suggestions. Many robust chat features will likely require a private server acting as liaison between the app and the blockchain. Unfortunately that is not something that I can set up in the near term and without careful planning.


@mynameisbrian Keep up the great work. I have made some suggestions to MangoSteem in my post.


  1. Make the process of creating a channel easy.
  2. Ability to use the slider while up-voting a chat.
  3. Simplify the process of creating a channel. You can actually have a bidding 4. system to create a channel and use that Steem for the development of the project.
  4. Make the channel description more visible.
  5. Allow editing of chats for at-least first 5 mins. Since it is a comment it can be edited for 7 days.
  6. Threaded reply in chats could be great.
  7. Ability to sort the chats based on popularity like we can do in comments.
  8. Ability to make a comment a sticky post for the creator of the channel. He can use this for promotions etal and if anybody is thankful for the channel they can upvote that particular comment.
  9. Work around for the 20 sec comment/chat posting limit.

They should make a steemit app, so that its easier to use.


eSteem is a pretty good way to use steem on your mobile!


Hi @starblade @babane @world-currency @ackza have you tried the eSteem app?


Am also waiting for the steemit app... it will make things more easy.


Agree with you on that, have been saying it for a while now.


@sneak said we are gettting a steemit app soon!


I agree, I joined about eight days ago and I am still in the dark about a lot of what one can and what one should do.


there is esteem app but on iOS especially it is really bad


Sure, it's for something down the road. Sure works pretty well as an MVP now. Only came across two issues at the moment: message not posted on the chain on my first couple tries, and chat messages not updating on page after a certain time, but I guess these aren't big issues.


If your internet is very slow or spotty it can cause issues with the polling of new blocks. Currently the app will just refresh if the connection falls behind. Just one of numerous issues that need to be ironed out.

Not sure about your messages not posting. I haven't encountered that.


how does one earn on mangosteem though? is it just like the length of the conversation?... or is it determined how intellectual the comment is? Not really understanding, would appreciate feedback!
Feedback: it would be cool to have like a live chatroom in some ways similar to omegle and/or livestreaming


people would like to solve peoples issues through chat way more, in return they receive upvotes as rewards, so i guess, has a huge area to be explored there, quite stunning idea. lets see!!


sounds dope! thanks for the reply man




your comment really helps alot buddy


20 second gap - ahh for me its too long....


thats a steem problem


i'm going to flag you for being lame


I haven't figured out when you get paid


the easiest way to get around this (which i demonstrated the other night, it to fall back to editing the pervious post in the 20 second time limit... then you can just watch the chain for post edits (which the current ui already does)


strongly agree about that


Well done video. Did you use VideoPal to do the animated character speaking or how did you do it ?
Many thanks for this info. Regards, Stefan.

As long as any new messaging chats that comes out are based on Steem BlockChain and principles -- I'm more than happy to take a look into them and give them a try...

Awesome prototype, I've seen this idea come up a few times now and was hoping we'd see something like it! Great job!

lol I noticed in one of the channels you had a bot replying, which is hilariously awesome. I started a list a couple months back of bot accounts if you're looking for a good starting point as to who to ignore messages from.


Thanks I'll take a look at the list. Many many issues to work out.




bot replying ? damn it would be craziest thing :D


Thanks Jesta :) Followed and upvoted. Check out my stuff and follow back if you like my crypto content :)



I totally agree! Awesome 👏🏻

This is pretty amazing. There are tons of people that spend a lot of time in chat but not necessarily posting a ton on steemit. This opens it up for those types of social networks as well.

Great work I'm excited to give it a spin!

Hey ,
Nice work sir


automatic encryption = private chat

Awesome Idea. Guess youre highly motivated with that strong steemit support!

This is again a big showcase what the steem blockchain is capable of. I cannot wait for a perfect twitter clone on my smartphone which will be run by the steem blockchain.


Steem as a blockchain is pretty heavy on potential :). All it needs is a shove or two and we could see a serious breakout in price ramping.

Where do all chats get saved on? any specific posts?

Can we scale votes under <1%? :P

Does it have a 3 sec limit like comments here too?


Currently messages made from mangosteem are comments on a specific post. Although if the host account makes additional posts and receives comments those will also appear in the comment feed.


Hmm, so all the posted comments are saved over here at the site ?
Could I include it on my forum website on the frontpage and all the messages
posted there will be stored over here in a topic I have opened up on my steemit account or how would this work out ? Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

Súper coooolllll!!

When u plan to release a mobile app ? :)

Hmm sounds interesting and very promising. I am new to the website so I am trying to see what it is all about.

Hi, the truth is I really liked this post. It is very interesting of the subject that you spoke, you should continue like this!

That Bereh tulesan droe neuh hy brian eukk, lage lam kapai are ;)
Nyoe kan ku tuleh nyoe koen pu laen, nyoe ku meuharap meurumpok persen bacut bak si karma, meunyoe hana jih jok persen meu bacut theh sang hana so jok keudroe kuh, jadi nyoe komen lon numpang jak siat, meuah beuh, bek neukira apam syara beh, trimong geunaseh, mnyoe awak blah deuh khen thank you very much, nyan ban :)


Como no vamos a probar ese MANGOsteem!!! Debe saber buenisimo!!! Ja, ja, ja!! Y pronto vamos a tener el GUAYABAsteem!!

Will this thing be aviable for different languages? Would be nice. I mean english is fine but i think not eberybody thinks that lel

great addition to the steemit family

@mynameisbrian is the chat encrypted in any way, i see you mention phase 3 would that be peer to peer private messages?

Excellent idea! Definitely a feature we could benifit from. Anything that can be done to help, aside from support upvoting and resteeming, feel free to ask. Would love to help get this going!

wow what a fantastic idea

Well now I'm glad I didn't start working on this idea myself and went for another one instead, you would had beat me to it! Great to see this idea finally in action though and Steem ecosystem growing wider instead of just tall.

People will slowly start realizing the true potential of Steem blockchain with every new app that is released. The focus will slowly shift from Steemit to numerous platforms.

Looks like a good app.

Very interesting, especially the fact that it allows you to upvote chats


This is very interesting! So each channel is a steemit user with a post, and all the messages in the channel are comments to that post. If you dont understand, go to there you'll see all the messages in the general channel

Great app...good for the ones who can give most of their time in chatting...Now no one should mind 'CHATTING' :P

Voted fully on this. This is part of what I advocated for the first time I joined steem. Thanks for venturing into this. Welldone.

Cool idea. I am very surprised to see how many Steem Blockchain based Services are popping up lately.

This creates a healthy environment for Steemit :)

something to check it out for sure

Looks like a very cool initiative. Upvoted

nice....upvote and resteem

This is really awesome. Logged in, tested it out and looking forward to ditching other chat-apps. Congrats @mynameisbrian! I was wondering what you've been up to the last couple weeks ;)


Thanks. Planning and figuring out the api has kept me busy.

Making comics leaves me with a lot more free time :(

you should probs make it so its harder to self-vote, it would be even easier to manipulate than comments.

Great job. I'm looking forward to see this in action. You deserve my Vote.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

Cool idea but it full spam the shit out of the blockchain.
Vote joshtristram

Def checking out

wow this is real cool @mynameisbrian - thank you! - will you be looking into ios /android ?


Yeah I have been thinking and talking and asking about ho we could have this feature, and i cant wait until its as useful as the discord app, cant wait for the new Steem App it will open the doors for this sort of stuff, having chat that will be Upvotable ,so people can send money to people in real time! allowing chats to become more high quality!

Oh and did you all hear about the Sub Communities steemit will soon have? I cant wait for us to have the subreddit style communities that will be customizable and people will be able to hang out with like minded people

Man johal you're going to be a billionaire on steemit for sure, when the next upgrade to steemits User Interface happens, the price of steem will soar, people will realize how important steemit really is when it comes to making a Blockchain Social media site...people like to doubt its usefulness, but the steem blockchain is SOOO strong it's ONLY going to grow! its sooo cool its like an infinite party

"Look inside of your soul you can find gold and you can get rich" so true, steem will let people make money off being themselves, people will be able to become journalists and artists too and really express themselves...i cant wait for steemporium to have steemstreams like soundcloud but you get paid, so many artists will love getting paid to upload music, it will spawn all sorts of artists native to steemit, man steemit becomees super powerful when u start to study it, and see just how many peopel are involved, its a autonomous deentralized corporation! it realy is a decebtralized company and we all work for it!

Brilliant, am alwag happy to see new and good stuff built in steem blockchain...will check it out

Excellent work!! I want to contribute.

My question is: What happens if a thread lives more than 7 days? After that the upvotes are not rewarded :/ ... maybe the solution is to create a new post, but make it transparent for mangosteem showing it as a single thread... what do you think?

It will be amazing with private chats. Then the common people will see encrypted messages and the group will have a key to see them. Since everybody can comment mangosteem must filter the garbage, that is, only show messages with the correct encryption.

Upvote and resteem!

cool :)
Check out my new music if you get a spare minute. Support Steemian artists :)

its interesting but add more features

good and like

Would it be possible to include memo key and encrypt some convos as well if the user wanted?

I am in!! This is awesome!


This showed up as a comment! The upvote from manogsteen didnt seem to register though. Still, its a seamless comment! Wow. This app is going to be so useful!

Wow this is awesome! Get paid for chat :D. Great work @mynameisbrian!

Nice One...

This is an awesome idea. If i wasnt so sleepy, i would jump in the chat room now..tomorrow im there!

Love from the first

Thank for you work.
Not sure if having a perminent record of everything i say is a helpful thing.

Informative post, thank you.

UPVOTE & FOLLOW from GoldenEye

Paid to chat o.O

Your dream is a big one.

I'm really impressed. Great work so far. Regarding the current state and the creative mind I'm really curious about what it will be in the future. It could be a great base for other extensions and businesses. Will follow your way. Cheers.

Getting paid to waste time chatting? This is awesome!


it really is

You should host the web APP on IPFS. In that way, it becomes even harder to censor it!

Really very interesting, congrats for the idea and the work so far.

I did a short test publishing in the testing channel. I wanted to find out to which account is it connected? It is ms-test, obviously :)

What would I need to do to get the Team Slovenia channel on Mangosteem? Thanks!

Excellent Work!

Well done @mynameisbrian, resteemed. May I ask you to create a channel for #deutsch, because sucks.

Wow..i just now know about it..the mangosteem...i will tru it niw..great post mynameiabrian

Great idea. Can't wait to follow your progress.

Great tool i have seen today on steem it well done steemit is nice place

Is it open source?

if it is Open Source, I will upvote every post about this chat, now and in the future :)


The repo is currently private, but once I get around to the rewrite with react so that the code is actually manageable I'll make it public. In the meantime all of the code is available to you right now in your browser. Nothing is done on my webserver other than serving up some static files.


I would suggest to open-source it from the beginning. I could list more than 70 steem projects, which took not small reward... and disappear after some time, without leaving even a single line of code.


Agreed. You can be taking the rewards from the community support of your update posts to post developer bounties, getting you help on the project and increasing the chance of success. I'm not a coder, but I am a spec writer/project manager and I would contribute my time to the project for a chance to learn the ins and outs of blockchain dev. Ping me if you are interested in my involvement @mynameisbrian . I'm becoming more and more convinced that the Steem blockchain could be the next big thing for SOOOOO many applications.

I personally dream of a voluntary local governance mechanism that incentivizes community activism/discourse to replace the bloated evil of the powers that be with effective, efficient systems that respect human rights once again.

FYI, I'm interested in hosting a "Food, Beer, and Brewing" chat channel and a "Voluntaryist Anarcocapitalist" chats.


Hey @noisy. Getting started porting the code over to react.
Mangosteem chat repo

Would love some input once past this initial UI mock phase.

Great work I hope this community Growth faster...


Hi just need info.

Is This secure? because we must login and give our User And Password? Just to make sure.. sorry

Hi @mynameisbrian! My name is @tiffanyrej haha. I love the name " Mangosteem". It's quite unique. Thanks for sharing the info.

That is amazing. Really really cool feature.
Can't wait to try it!

thanks for that info

On my way to Mangosteem now. See you all there!

I've been wondering where the comics have been! Now I see you may have been a bit preoccupied...


Yea. It was an idea that I just had to try to create.

Good to see it, I think it has a lot to develop before it is ready to be popular. I think it is more of a chat board than a custom chat, but certainly worth signing up and using.

I'm in, gotta open new page and text with ya :D Thank you, i like to chat with people, it improves my poor english skills (yea i suck at it but im working on it) :)
If you don't mind Brian, i'll leave here a link to my article about car sharing, Thank you and keep it smooth ;)

Very cool idea..thank you for sharing!

This sounds amazing, looks like we finally got a decent chat where we can freely talk about our content! :)

Admin features

...with an ability to IP ban? :) dont want to imagine how that thing will be spammed...

I'm resteeming this. Great job!

More ways to connect :-)

This is again a big showcase what the steem blockchain is capable of

Fantastic!! Cheers!!

This social media is amazing and it is getting even better. All the people behind this mangosteem project, thank you so much. You guys are brilliant.

Anyone thought about the problem of your Remaining Bandwidth decreasing fast while you chat?

I never thought this was possible! Great!!! :D

Looks cool. Trying it out right now.

Thank you for creating this, I hope it moves forward with all the bells and whistles quickly!

Go following me i you

I would like to create a channel


I'll make a post about that this weekend

That's an fantastic idea, most of the people spend most of their time on mobile it would be a great opportunity to connect with Steemians, build community, grow Steem system and help each other.

It would be a great replacement for Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

Jumping onto this bandwagon to agree: THIS IS AMAZING! Great work, thank you so much for making this possible. I'm on my way into the chat :-)

Memang masukan yang luar biasa kawan @mynameisbrian dengan chat at mangosteem akun kita aman ,,, terima kasih telah berbagi saudaraku,,

Artikel anda sangat bermamfaat bagi saya

Hey, I tried to log in but it's not letting me.
Now when I log in, it just shows me a lock for a couple of seconds and the page gets refreshed.

follow me guys ☺♥♠♣♦•◘○

about time. when do you think this will catch on? I feel like as though Steemit is going to become like FB where they acquire a boat load of stuff

Versatile at its best because I must say this is an way to start creating a platform other Major Social Platforms has NEVER thought about...

This is really are first minutes here but wow I'm seeing an Awesome CONTENDER on the "Normal" and "Usual way" of getting ahead..

I must say, this is Awesome Awesome Awesome..

Useful information for me, thanks and best regards

This is a brilliant idea,deserves to be upvoted and resteemed...

Upvoted, just found out about mangosteem. Love it man! you're a genius.

Although I do not know the English language I tried to understand this topic, I
translated the text from English into Arabic

Applying magnificence with 5 stars

i just heard about this via @xervantes, i'll have to try it out soon / ty

Wonderful idea . It helps us to connect to each other and grow more

this looks awesome cant wait to give it a shot. so its like discord but you get paid through steem?

WowWow... I need to try this anywhere I cdownload itit?