Crypto Gaming Can Benefit From Twitch

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This might be a ways off (though I hope it is sooner rather than later) but crypto gaming can use twitch and other services to really push into the mainstream. I still stick by my theory that games like Fortnite and PUBG, though fun, really saw this kind of success because of how fun they are to watch. They are mini movies, live, where you cheer on the hero to end up as number 1. But unlike blockbusters you really don't know if the hero will win or even finish top 10. It has the sporting element of competition and excitement of a show and this lead to a major hit.

Not can crypto gaming learn from it? A battle royale game that gives tokens is the obvious answer. It would be more excitement as people would be getting rewarded to play. But any tournament for any game that starts to give out crypto can add viewers to a game. Take steem monsters for example. They can run real steem tournaments and stream them live. This would help to push the game and the prize would help them get an audience.

I think we need to be careful with gambling but having real cash prizes can lead to exciting live events that brings in the views. And the more people watch a game the more people will play it and the more crypto will enter the mainstream. Just something to think about for new crypto games that are coming, sites like Twitch are your friend and designing them to beg watchable can go a long way.



I'm unsure on this, I appreciate streaming and do stream myself from time to time. I feel like making games that give payouts to the victors would just lead to the pros getting in there and making a mint where as people like myself, an average gamer, would lose all enjoyment out of those sorts of games. I stream for the comedy value I guess, rather than skill.

I agree. If this would be the future, it would be smart to separate things so people can play in a less competitive (non-crypto) match.

If it was maybe set out a little differently, maybe where not just the person with the most kills or the person who wins the match gets the gold. Such as the person who gets the most heals, or the most ridiculous death or things of that nature then I could see it being a bit more successful rather than where pros would get in there, clean up and leave nothing for anyone else and games like fortnite or battle royal games could net good players a fortune.

I wonder if the rewarding system for games like these can be build over an existing blockchain. That could shorten the dev time for the platform. The question would be, if the currently existing blockchains can take that kind of pressure because it just won't be the rewards and the inter game exchange of items can also be settled using the tokens.

Yes, I'm sure it could. I believe there are some simple games that work this way. There's a blob game I think where you try to get the biggest blob and absorb people, and it runs games on a timer and awards the winner with btc, it's a simple version of the concept, but it makes me believe it's definitely possible.

I just recently learned about Twitch ahaha not that into gaming but it was pretty sweet to watch. Like you said, it's like a live movie, and for a good cause, too.

I think this is something that could definitely be harnessed here in the near future for sure.

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They should also incorporate tipping and/or donating with Crypto as well.