Is Piracy a Crime?

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The eu scrapped a study on how piracy affects entertainment media and games are a big part of that media.
It took them a year and a half to reveal this knowledge to the public.
The study happened in 2015 and no one had a clue it existed till right now.
One of the european leaders posted about it on a blog and right after that it went viral to all gaming and entertainment websites.
The 300 page 450,000 $$$ study concluded that the industry most impacted by piracy is the movie industry. And just films released in theatres.

They even said piracy helped out the gaming industry.

A crime against themselves

You can see the study right here.

The collective mind matters.

Above: No man sky A game promised 18 quintillion different planets

But every planet you do the same thing over and over and what was the hyped up hidden easter egg of the game???
To get to the center of the universe
You are guided to it
Not really a easter egg.
What happens when you get there
You start the game over and do it again.

A lot of people are upset with the gaming industry as of late with the casual gameplay, the unfinishing of games, the samey feeling that every sequel produces, the DLC that should be included in a game. This list goes on and on.

Modern gaming comes as a risk or a investment to people.
Piracy comes along and allows people to have a free whole trial to a game.
People do not have the money to buy things as much anymore with the global system collapsing a little everyday.
For many Piracy brings a relief to people who are suffering from a lesser quality of life.

199.99 preorder bonus for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

I could of also gotten this sweet bonus for 2.00$ at my local walgreens during easter time.
If I preordered this game and got this
I would ask for a refund as soon as it came in.
People are fed up with these modern inventions and they are using their wallets to determine what is acceptable or not.
As a gamer

I will not lie
I have pirated many things.
I am a digital criminal.
Lock me up
I deserve to be in prison

What the Pirate looks like right after he downloads something.

Some of the things pirated I have enjoyed
And Some of them I have hated.
Many of the things if not all I pirated I have bought.
I see a stellar product I will support the great game that a company has made.

F2P games are successful for just this one reason.

Above: Smite
A 3rd person MOBA

They cannot trick customers.
Since the game is F2P players know that the game will either be microtransaction for different looks of a character or the game is PAY to WIN
Other wise known as if you pay money you will get better stuff than someone who is playing for free.
This is frowned upon by gamers world wide.

Why Piracy is not a big deal.

2 Different points

The gaming industry has completely changed.
It is not the 1990s anymore where you have a few games to choose from.
The market is so saturated now that you have the most generic names for games.
Most of the time if I see a game have a generic name I avoid it like the plague because I feel the game will be lesser in quality.

The industry is so saturated that games now have the most generic names

Sense of the Devil


There are so many games with names like this.
I even have a few of them in my STEAM account.

No offense to these two they are just the first two I found.

Playing Old games is still Piracy

Above: A collage of retro characters and of course some still are in play today

Digitally not Physically
It goes along with the above.
This goes in tune with the saturation.
For the first generation in gaming history
You can play all generations from the first games to something that came out yesterday.

Some gamers just play old school games because gaming is timeless and they love a game.
Others do not like the modern versions of those games and prefer the gameplay of the past.
Me included with a lot of titles.

People also want to experience the oldschool titles in new ways with romhacks or online as well

Why Piracy helps Games

Since there is such a saturation of games
Any person can find a game for themselves now.
With a smaller niche group of people looking for games
Their internet time will be dedicated to look for that game.
They will test the games out or relive the past with the old games and if they enjoy them they will mostly purchase them.
Why do we care about oldschool fans they most likely paid for a past game!
They are a tiny group.

Fixing the problem.

With this saturation the free market determines what sells and what flops.
Make a dumb game??? The internet will be on you in a second.
Make a early access game and take the money and run?????
Your reputation is ruined forever.

Make a online version of a old game.
Big corporation DMCAS it
Now big corporation looks like a bad guy and tries to squash its competition of itself.

I say the best way to logically fix this problem is for gaming to unite under one force.
Be a digital museum per say.
Let any person play any game they wish.
Let the hardcore oldschool fans preserve what they love and add additions to as they please.
Gaming companies could take the formula from past games and have a new birth of the game.

That is not fixing the problem though.
I say let everyone pirate a game. If they enjoy it they can tip whatever money they want to the developers of the game. If they truly enjoy a game they will get probably much more than a full game price from a hardcore fan.
Onto the oldschool problem
Let the tips go to the developers of the game. If there is new additions to the game then the tips should be decided between the parties the original developers and the modders.

The future of Piracy

Make a ecosystem with gaming using cryptocurrency.
Make games old and new alike go with earning crypto in a game.
DGB- and Game
I like what DGB and Game are doing and I am investing in both as time will tell what will happen with both coins.
@ackza was talking about this in a comment of mine.
Reward players for playing certain ways. Or completing monumental tasks in a game.
If it is a community based game find the ways your players play and reward them for playing in specific ways.
If a person completes a task in a game. The developer should be rewarded in crypto as well. Making the experience mutually great.
There is a problem with this logic because if you make a game to easy and the reward to great then there will be a inflation of the coin.
A way to get rid of this is to make a crypto game commission
It will be the commission's duty to make sure that the game can not be exploited in a way to make crypto. Only hard work in a game will do. Easier the task= less crypto.

Sources: 1. 2. mans sky creators 3. 4. Google Search for handcuffs. 5. Smite 6.Steam Backdrop Ui 7. Sense of the devil, Run Zombie food games 8. GreenHartGames 9. Game Dev Tycoon. 10. DGB wallet ui.

Well guys thank you for checking this post out.
I said I was going to get it to you guys earlier in the night but I took a long time to create this post.
With a lot of love and care I can make a post something.
Hope to see you later @sinned

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I am really with you on this! I just started playing the HTC Vive VR last year and I notice a trend. When a game is not yet fully developed, it is inexpensive and you can interact with the company that is making it. This has become my solution. Buy it before it comes out! After it is released someone will have a similar or the same for free. You might have to wait but you will not have to pay. It's the old adage "Time is Money."


We MUST do the virtual Steem meet-up or steemfest! It's probably more than one Steemian who can get their hands on a VR set!


Id be down but no vr yet for meeee


You are completely right. You can also influence the game development! problems arise because developers will go off of fans and too many cooks can spoil a broth. I tried vr once and i fell in love.
I want to get vr and a new system but I gotta save up first. I will get there again.


I gotta say, as of right now the HTC Vive is way more advanced. It has 2 motion trackers, so you draw a grid around the room. It's my exercise machine.....

Awesome article. Bookmark worthy.



Thanks for the love brother always. I cant believe the attention that was brought to it.

Of course pirating is a crime I work hard for me and another one takes my result how can I get what's mine back pirating is illegal


The point of this is that if more people have access to your product more people would be interested in it

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Holy shit this is nuts i didnt think id be rewarded that much for this post. Thank you for this and how do you track this info? At first i glanced down at the article and I thought this was saying i was going to be rewarded 3k lol. Im like man i dont deserve that this is just a piracy article. I am proud that i am on here thank you all who supported me.

Excellent post!

I was just thinking about this the other day. Have gamers rewarded for beating everyone else in crypto!

How fast do you think a game would sell if you could earn rewards like on steemit? I'm guessing very! If it wouldn't be one of the fastest selling games in history.

My personal favourite game is Modern Warfare 2 (COD 4). The rest of the call of duties went a little down hill after this one and that one got hacked to death. None of them scared you when you suddenly got stabbed in the same way.


Valve would need to make its own thing or they would go out of buisness me thinks. I heard that some gaming companies are studying a way to get crypto from gaming. Soon for the first time in history you could make a living from playing games casually. My favorite game is smash melee because of the speed and how different everyone plays. You also need nes like reaction timing to pull off things in the game. Im sorry your not happy with the new ones.


I do like the newer ones, its just that I felt MW2 was a masterpiece and still wish they would just release new maps for it. No other version quite kept you on the edge of your seat the way MW2 did. It felt the most realistic.

I don't think I have ever played smash melee. Street Fighter 2 is also at the top of my list. I'm an old school gamer I guess.

Yeah, I think it would be awesome if you could be rewarded for playing games!

That dgb game sounds interesting, any links where we can try that out? Thanks


There is no game yet ill be on it as soon as a system like i stated happens

Is Digibyte gaming up again?
Last time i saw their website working was in May, then they allegedly suffered a DDoS and have been down since AFAIK...

As an avid videogame modder I would love to be able to receive tips through can dream :)


They are having a reddit ama today at 12 noon. They are releasing a new website and wallet october 1st. For them i think the future is bright

Though I agree with most of what you said... I still say that piracy is wrong when you can pay for the game and don't pay for it for a weak reason.... I decided long ago that I'd stop searching for pirated games (I still do sometimes but I have a good reason for that).

Now I pay for my games... I'm still not 'rich' enough to pay for the big AAA titles... but I have from Humble Bundle alone games that will take months from me to finish... and by the time I finish them I'll have another list bought from that website!!

I think one of the things that can fix the problem of piracy is "Pay what you want" system.... make all the games priced $5 and anyone who pays more than a specific price gets something in the game... well, I'm not an expert to know if that will fix anything but I''ll buy many AAA titles if they were priced at $5

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It all connects to the much larger problem of an imploding economy. With everything, we have spent so many years pushing for new and different and focusing on image that quality has taken a back seat. At the same time companies have been eating each other and forcing each other out of the competition, raising production costs and making it harder for someone new to come along. These companies give very little care to anything a along as they know you will buy their product.

More and more people are catching on to the fact that everything in a consumerist society eventually becomes fake because it's increasingly obvious.

So yeah, the culture will have to change. What I hope to see with many things and I think we are starting to see it happen, especially the arts, is an increase of independent creators and an increase of people who pay willingly because they want to support the creator, not because they have to. The idea that "I'm just one person, my dollar or my decision or my support doesn't count" needs to die. People need to start realizing they're decisions matter and supporting regular people who work hard to create things they enjoy. As for the big companies, most of them will reap what they have sown when they're industries crumble.

It'll be interesting to see how gaming and crypto evolve together. Also thanks for introducing me to romhacks!

Still wrong, but some people may download cracked version to see if they like the game before they buy it. Especially if the game has no demos. The trailer can be over exaggerated. If they like the game, they will buy it, if they don't they just delete it off of their computer.