League of Legends on Chinese Servers -- 英雄联盟国服扭曲丛林

in gaming •  2 years ago 

有没有在国服打英雄联盟的吗?我在扭曲丛林 我喜欢玩adc金克丝 我想多认识一些朋友然后一起玩一下 我只想玩那个扭曲丛林的去因为我只有那一个

Does anyone here play League of Legends on Chinese servers? I guess more likely than not you would be a Chinese person. This is just a short little shout out message.

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Hi @shabilaowai. I like your post. I followed and upvoted you, hope you can do the same for me. Looking forward to more of your posts.

Check out some of my posts, I think you'll like it.



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