Uncensored China: #1 Stolen Children

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Something that has recently been brought to my attention that was utterly shocking and completely inconceivable. This growing epidemic in China is beyond the grasp of western society, anyone with an actual heart, soul or any form of compassion.

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Going deep into the underground activities of the Chinese black market you’ll find many things you can purchase if you have the money for it. One of the main products on sale for a few years now, being children. According to the statistics I could find regarding this matter, more than 200 thousand children go missing every year, the same statistics indicate that only 0.1% of these cases are solved.

Children are not only being abducted but also willingly sold by their parents in some cases. The biggest reason for this is because of poverty stricken areas where the parents cannot afford to take care of the child and since putting the child up for adoption does not prove profitable at all, selling it is the best option. Just by definition this is completely absurd and it’s difficult to imagine that things like this are actually happening on a daily basis and none of us are aware of anything.

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Now if you’re one of the unlucky souls whose child got stolen, fear not because you can buy the child back from the kidnappers if you’re lucky enough to come across that same person who took your child in the first place. I have read a few articles where it states that is in fact legal to buy a stolen child in China, if you know where to look.
It is completely ridicules that everybody and China knows about this and it’s almost as if they not only accept it but in a way entertain the whole concept of buying stolen children. There was an American couple who went to China in 2015. The couple had a dream of adopting a child while being there. She told her Chinese friend about her dream when the friend simply replied, “Just go to the countryside and buy one for 10,000 RMB.” RMB10 000 = $1500 This is the price you pay for life.

I guess in a country with a population of 1.3 billion, life becomes less meaningful. This is completely unacceptable in the eyes of the world except China. If you get caught with a stolen child and you did not “hurt” the child in any way, you will not face any penalties nor will you be prosecuted, in other words nothing happens to you.

You have got to love the Chinese government. They are fully aware of this problem growing bigger day by day but still lack motivation to actually put in some effort in stopping this from happening. What I really don't understand is, try writing a post like this on any social media while living in China and they will use every recourse at their disposal to hunt you down and make sure that you will never see the light of day again, or ever see anything for that matter. (That being said, hopefully I will still be here to bring you more stories if they don't send someone to "take care" of the nosy blogger.)
At some point you can't help but wonder if the government is taking any advantage of this dark underground enterprise and if not, why do they pay almost no attention to this, very suspicious to say the least.

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These children are not only being sold locally but also to countless adoption agencies all over the world. Why adoption agencies would buy children from these underground enterprises is another problem by itself which is all connected to to the wallet of the people behind it. Sadly, this situation will not go away very soon for the simple reason that The People's Republic of China has been ruled by the Communists since 1949 when it won the Chinese Civil War by overthrowing the Nationalist government, so there is really nothing that you, I or any government can do about this. China is one of the world’s superpowers and I feel sorry for anyone who dares to oppose this country.

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This kind of behaviour must come to end but it seems to be utterly useless even trying to do anything about it. I guess the first place to start would be these adoption agencies that buy the stolen children.
I hope this post has been an eye opener for some of you who did not know about this, stay tuned for more uncensored stories coming soon.

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Really informative and eye-opening post! Loving all your material @expatsaloud. All about raising awareness!


Thank you for the support @whatalife. I see you're hard at work raising awareness yourself. Good luck!

If you found this post informative then please help raise awareness by resteeming it. These children deserve it.


wow! very interesting


Hi @danikap, I'm glad you found it interesting. Thank you for the support.

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Excellent post and heartbreaking all at the same time. I guarantee I will resteem this so more know of the horrors of China!


Thank you for the support @alioops. Glad someone actually cares enough to spread the word.

This goes on throughout Asia... Thailand is infamous for their child market. Where's the outcry from the UN??? Oh wait, they're owned by the bankers and globopedophiles!


Thailand infamous for their child market? I have lived here for 3 years and I have never heard of that. Any sources please?


Just Google it!