The most epic squad in Mobile Legends: Obs Gaming!

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Hi guys! Today I'm gonna tell you how considerably the most epic squad in Mobile Legends Obs Gaming ranks as a team together! You can learn new techniques in here. Let's start!

Obs Gaming has been a great example of greatness for the legacy of the Philippines in Mobile Legends. They have a perfect cooperation and the right rotations!

Watch their video to see how good rotation and cooperation made them get back through their track!

In the early 5 minutes, Obs is taking the lead. But then after a few minutes, when the Argus of the RRQ has pushed bot lane, he got a large amount of gold to give him at least 2 or 3 items. It was a big deal for Argus because he is an OP hero! Then, they got a big disadvantage when Obs Kagura was killed, but luckily the rest know what to do when the Kagura is dead. The RRQ was about to kill the lord but the remaining players of Obs fought back until Kagura is alive.

Then after fighting the team Obs got out of position, Natalia got killed for defending the bot lane tower, but luckily Kagura was there to defend the tower. Now, having two heroes against Kagura gave the RRQ a disadvantage, when Hilos and Diggie came to attack Natalia, Argus went back to help Saber against a 3 v 1 fight, but still got disadvantage. When another team fight began RRQ had a big disadvantage because their damage dealer, Hayabusa was pushing top lane. But, having this big disadvantage didn't bought that many time for Hayabusa, he destroyed the high ground tower but Grock had enough time to recall and stop Hayabusa from pushing through the minions.

Then, in the team fight when they killed Diggie, Hylos and Argus had to recall because they can't fight back. Then Hayabusa was about to go back too but he and Hylos got out numbered and were killed, just giving Obs enough time to kill the lord. Then, the went with the lord and ganked altogether. In that situation that RRQ was in a big disadvantage and Hylos Ult was canceled, there was no hope for RRQ to come back.

And that's all for today. Thank you for stoppin by!
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