My Way to Play Pangolier 7.09

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My Way to Play Pangolier 7.09

Hello steemit. Today I am here my short pangolier gameplay guide. If you are Dota 2 player you should know that name by now.

Donté Panlin, the Pangolier, is a melee agility hero. He is a tier 2 carry,nuker,escape hero. I like to play him as a hard carry. Because I believe he has the potential to out carry heros like Anti-Mage,Terrorblade or any illusion hero like Phantom Lancer or Chaos Knight. So, My guide will be focused on him being a carry.


First Have a quick look about the abilities of Pangolier. It will help you to understand the hero.


Early Game

To be a carry you need to must Max out Swashbuckle first. Its the bread and butter in this build. Buy Tango,Quelling Blade,1 Mango. Later in lane try to spam swashbuckle. If it is hard lane keep it for escape and you may want to take some Sheild Crash beside Heartpiercer. Try to get as many last hit you can and harrash the enemy. Complete the mango into Magic Wand. Go for Power Treads for boots. Stats and attack speed really help him. If you are having hard time buy Ring of Health. Dont play too much agressive till you have comple you battlefury. You should have a power tread,magic wand and a battlefury by about 15-18 min or less.

Mid Game

After having battlefury you can farm very fast! Very close like anti mage. Next item will depend on the game. If you seems too squishy then go Sange and Yasha. Otherwise go diffusal blade. As it works very well with swashbuckle. After diffusal you can now fight! Just use the ult try to roll over as many enemy you can while getting the Sheid Crash buff from them. Then cancle roll with swashbuckle and then kill them all! So, diffusal blade and sange and yasha is your mid game items.

Late Game

Next you should go for Eye of skadi. Then, nobody will escape from you. Go MKB if needed. It is another one great item for this hero. Go,linken sphere if necessary. If you have slot Daedalus is a great pick as it does insane damage! Switch to Boots of Travel finally if the game is still going on. And do I need to talk about Moonshard really!??

Talent Tree


For talent tree go R-L-L-R. In lvl 25 you me as mobile as Anti-Mage.

Remember, if Pangolier is caught in bad position you can be easily killed. So, entering the fight is the most crucial part for this hero. Proper entrance in fight can easily get you double kill or tripple kill even.

Thanks for reading this guide. Its purely my own opinion. If you have any feedback you can comment below. Good day.

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