Is it worth investing in a game?

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Hello stemmians, today I bring you a new post in which we will ask the following question: Is it worth investing in a game ?, and with investment we mean investing our money in the game in which we plan to invest, and for nobody it is surprise that lately the micro-transactions in the video games is something very typical in the games currently, That said, let's start the post !!



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deadpool.gifWhen thinking about investing or spending part of our money or capital in a game we must take into account certain things or better reflect on the following, if it is true that some games abuse this aspect of micro-transactions to the point of turn from these typical games already taken as memes in the community and classified colloquially as "pay to win games" is translated into Spanish "pay to win" and it is true that there are many cases in which this aspect reaches the point of the ridiculous with really unnecessary or silly items in the game, but nevertheless on the other hand there are games that really know how to play well with this aspect and they do it very well and we even see it quite reasonable and just as it could be the case the items that tend to be sold in games like injustice 2 with the motherbox both in console and pc as in Android, or as in call of duty or batllefield, and then there are exaggerated cases absurd as it can be the case of overwacht with the chests of skins that we could open 60 chests and still be without that skin that we love, or games like wars stars battlefront in which there was even a controversy related to this, in the which accused the game of being a digital casino to make small children spend and spend money in said game, but of course all this is fixed to the fact that in these cases there are excessive prices such as lootboxes or promotions or pack of cars in asphalt 8 in which there are packs of payment that exceed 100 dollars practically one or several of games for a pack of cars or better said items of said game, and not only with this game does this case happen, why already for nobody It is a surprise to know that there are counter-weapon weapons skins, such as a damask steel knife or a skin dragon lore that surpass the $ 1000 in market sale or tradeo for steam, more or less to that level we are referring to with the term of being excessive or abusive with these aspects.deadpool.gif

separador post steeemit 33.png other aspects we also have to take into account what benefits or what kind of objects we are talking about, because, although they do not create it, there are video games in which the items that we are buying or acquiring with real money are nothing more than temporary or a limited duration the best example of this, cash objects in operation 7 or games like zula, in which we are given skins or bonus items that give us an advantage over other players and are items that last a certain time and depending on how long we are acquiring more expensive this will come out when buying it with the virtual currency called "Cash" this without saying that the amount or prices that we must pay to acquire this currency to be able to trade or buy in these games has a really high value even arriving at 90 dollars, a blow quite hard for our pocket without a doubt, but at the end of the day everyone is free to dispose and do what they want with their money ro, although it is inevitable to think that someone with 3 fingers of front would know that it does not come out at all cost-effective to acquire an item that will eventually be erased or we will not be able to continue using it in the future, I could tell you that it would be the case of the ZMR game but in this game I have acquired items that I still have payment due to the fact that although they had or have a moderate price are items that are not lost and remain in the account despite everything and even despite inactivity why I have lasted until 4 or 5 months without even logging into that game and still keep those items intact in the account something that adds positive points without doubt to the fact of whether or not to invest in said

separador post steeemit 32.png (1).gifAnother point to try is to know the quality of the object that we acquired, that is, if it is an object that really gives us something that will improve the gaming experience or give us that sense of acquisition that we feel in the real life of having acquired an item. valuable or valuable that we know will be useful and although it seems crazy this has a great influence when it comes to thinking or when people think it is convenient to buy in the game or to think how much money to invest in said game, such as the case of many youtubers which have left thousands of thousands and thousands of figures of money in said video games of the moment or favorites of the day just to give or provide a better gaming experience to their players but of course this is easy, But to fulfill it? That's when the task or work of making a good videogame with this aspect collides, because on the one hand there are players who play their games freely without investing or spend some real monetary amount at stake, which is something very respectable and among that kind of people I usually include myself many times because in spite of everything I always enjoy videogames of their free form and with enough comfort but of course that is already at the discretion of Any person who decides or does not spend their money in these (1).gif

separador post steeemit 36.png (2).gifAnd ultimately if something we have seen or we have realized is that investing in a game if it is worth it if what we are acquiring warrants, is that if it is something that will really be useful in the game and that acquisition we will add a feeling of luxury or acquisition in the game during all the time we are enjoying or being part of the community of players of said game, there are many opinions but I think one of the most accurate would be that everything within its limit can be pretty good and positive as long as you do not abuse that aspect as many games currently do, and if you are thinking of investing in a videogame to acquire some object or be better because it is something you are free to do but remember to do it always with conscience because as that old saying says, "everything in excess is bad", the pay to win is a subject which I have already dealt with in steemit but on the other its counterpart would be this , of the games that they really knew how to use, draw the attention of people to encourage them to buy or acquire those items, because even in some cases these items are put up for sale to save people time or to make things a little simpler. some players, and that still are items that can be obtained by other means in the game, either killing bosses or completing missions etc etc etc (2).gif

separador post steeemit 45.png (1).gifAnd here today's post steemians I hope you enjoyed it, but above all that has been useful and helpful, that you have entertained a brief time too, you can leave your opinion in the comments if you like, do not forget to follow me so as not to miss of my post published in the feed of steemit, your vote is important to me, without more than saying I wish you a few good days, evenings or nights, until another time !! (1).gif


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