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So far we've covered the loose passive and tight passive poker players. Ultimately both styles of play are usually losing over the long term. Now I'd like to get into a style that shows a small return, it's known as the tight aggressive.

Tight aggressive players are usually playing a range of hands that fall around the top 20%. They open the pot with a raise or three bet a previous opener with their quality hands. They use their image of tightness and position to win pots.


For them most commonly hands with low and middle expected value are folded. The hands that are played they raise. The call is used less often. This helps gain close to maximum value for their strong hands. They don't play lots of hand but can win lots of chips when they do. Those additional chips gained are what turns this type of play into long-term profitable.

Of course the weakness is this can lead to trouble when the board doesn't flop their way. They have to develop a keen eye and good read for the loose passive that catches a nice flop or is playing a monster hand passively. Those that don't become very exploitable.

Play against the loose aggressive can be tricky but usually profitable in many cases. Normally they're going to have the better starting hand. The cards mathematically have a higher expected value of winning over the range of cards the loose aggressive is playing. A good flop connecting top pair with top kicker can lead to a raising war and getting all the chips in because both will raise at each other. Critical decisions are made when flopping top pair and top kicker versus a wide range. The tight aggressive is at a disadvantage because we sort of know what cards they are representing. Sometimes the loose aggressive might have flopped bigger and just know they are a heavy favorite. So they're already ahead and challenging the tight aggressive for all their chips.

This is why the tight aggressive style of play alone is somewhat exploitable. It's still profitable over the long term because the loose aggressive has called and folded lots of raises before they catch the hand to take chips from the tight aggressive. Its just not a very huge profit margin after over the long term if this is the only play style being used. Got to mix it up.

Here are links to other styles mentioned.

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All I want to do is hit a Royal Flush and walk away from the machine for a bit.

Best of luck. Been lucky enough to hit a couple of them many years back. Can't tell you how many times I would throw away a pair of jacks for that longshot Royal Flush draw. It's a nice little payday and needed break from the machine for sure.

Too much my friend too much

Thanks for checking it out and the comment.

You are off to wealth & glory @potplucker ;)

Thanks, I just like to play games well. I'll take some wealth too if that should come.

This was a great read. I can't comment because that'll give you vital info, but I'm sure you've already gotten your read on me already, which is likely right.

...for now!

Thanks, Glad you liked it. Its been a slow transition for me to play the game considering ranges played vs the cards I hold. I do wonder if I give to much of my style away so it forces me to change up. Good luck on the tables.

I dont understand a single word mate😂😂😂😂...

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. Was concerned using to much poker jargon, will adjust. Most important part to pick up is judge your opponents playing style Loose or Tight and Passive or Aggressive. Use their style against them by playing on their weakness. Also judge your own style of play to be aware of its exploits.

Thank you mate....

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