Possible Diablo 4 Annoucement at Blizzcon 2019.

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New Blizzcon is approximately 10 days away and things might get interesting. There is talk all over the webs about Diablo 4 leak, something we kinda expected but you never know how true these things are until the day of announcement.

Blizzard desperately needs a win one year after that horrible Diablo Immortal announcement fiasco (don't you guys have phones), it was an epic way to alienate their core audience of PC gamers who grew up playing Diablo games. Probably the worst decision ever for Blizzard to announce that game the way they did it on last Blizzcon.

Naturally their stock plummeted after that fiasco and hasn't recovered still, hundreds of Blizzard employes lost their jobs, their last Wow expansion wasn't great, also with recent banning of Hearthstone player for talking about Hong Kong protests, then reducing his punishment after everyone's outcry, clearly Blizzard needs to do something epic to redeem itself, or at least do something to reduce the damage done to public perception of their company.

Announcing Diablo 4 might just be that win they are looking for, sure it would just be an announcement, the game will probably be done far into the future, like their games normally do. Blizzard always had the longest development cycle for their games.

When we consider their other franchises like Starcraft, I don't expect to see anything there. Money making machine Hearthstone will have a new expansion, they will probably announce beta testing for Warcraft Reforged, maybe some new characters for Overwatch, perhaps Wow expansion and that's it. Interestingly they are still not letting their moba Heroes of the Storm die out with announcement of playable Deathwing. Clearly all roads lead to Diablo 4 announcement. Let's see 10 days from now what happens.


Diablo II was incredible. Diablo III was a movie.
Blizzard's run out of chances; and GGG haven't set a foot wrong.
You know where you can find this little black duck :)

Poe will be insanely hard to beat, the game became huge and awesesme, as we poecomp dudes know :). Diablo 4 will be in development for many years, Poe will grab everyone until it releases.

With everyone looking for Hearthstone alternatives, they probably should have kept their head down another couple of months. Now ARPG fans will be looking for an alternative; and once they find PoE, they're lost.

I would say many if not all ARPG fans already know Path of Exile, but those few Diablo believers will be converted I'm sure. It is insane how GGG managed to steal the whole gaming genre that once belonged to blizzard alone and blizzard just allowed it, and I don't think blizz has what it takes to take the throne back. Let the ARPG wars begin, it will be interesting to watch :)

their last Wow expansion wasn't great

Was it not? Not played it in years... too damn addictive for me.

I played it for one sub month you get for buying the expansion, and yeah, it wasn't that much fun for me. You can consider it good when you continue playing few months after. Generally one of wow's worst expansions.

D4 is the only thing left they have that I would even think about. Sadly with how they have treated their other games over the years I just don’t have much hope for it. They need to put in some real development, money and time into it. Otherwise, I have Path of Exile which gets quite a number of updates per year still.

Yeah, I too don't expect greatness from D4 judging by what Blizz did with D3 and lack of any risk taking with new IPs. But it will be interesting to see them fail, their activision overlords ruined them.

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