PC Game Review - Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth

in gaming •  7 months ago

Ashes of Malmouth is an expansion for Grim Dawn, an ARPG released last year that was one of the best games of 2016. You can check my review here. This expansion offers an abundance of new features such as two new acts, two new classes, 12 new constellations, tons of new unique items, new enemies and much much more. Many people who played this game call it an unofficial Diablo 3 because of it's grim atmosphere and almost H.P. Lovecraftian setting where all sorts of eldrich monstrosities lurk and prey on the weak. That atmosphere is even improved upon in this expansion and this is how gothic Hack&Slash game should look and play like.


In the first act of this expansion you will have to fight through a dense forest filled with ancient wendigos and malevolent spirits in order to reach the capital city of Malmouth overrun by the aetherals. New environments are great and you can clearly see the graphical improvements over the vanilla version of the game. New classes are the Necromancer and Inquisitor, both are very fine addition to the game and with previous 6 classes there is an abundance of choices and character builds you can do. This game is theorycrafters and min/maxers dream. New monsters and bosses look as grotesque as ever and if you somehow missed this game last year, there is no excuse to try it now if you like Hack&Slash ARPGs.

Score: 90/100

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DOPE..... you are the first person I am meeting in this community sharing his gaming experience, you must be a big fan of virtual games, I do also, but not this much. Watching out for other posts already.


Big fan of virtual games yes. There are a lot of gamers on steemit, check the gaming tag if you want to see more.


Ok, I surely would, I am more of an ART enthusiast, I loved the contents on your blog, I must commend you for your consistency. Weldone

Good game yes nice graphics.XD


You have a good eye :)

I like this game,relistic RPG like diablo 3

That has cool graphics. I am going to give it a try For sure.

Decent replacement of Diablo 3

hello @moon32walker. Last year I was so busy, I did not know the existence of this video game, I just played Diablo and Path of Exile, I will give this game a chance, thanks for sharing.

Reaally well written, I want to try it now (even though I'm not a big fan of that kind of games =D)

Cool game thanks

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I've tried a wide range of ARPGs, and this one is the best successor of Diablo 2. Highly recommended!