The International 7 update

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Answer from my previous post

  • OG still in the game after beating Infamous in elimination round 1-0 and loser from upperbracket which is TNC 2-0, despite many dota players are not convinced with Ana's invoker, he successfully play it at The International 7 not at home! With the supreme master of earth spirit: Jerax in game 1. Not forgetting S4, he's a very consistent player ive ever seen after the fall of The Alliance.

  • DC sent a Chinese giant(IG.V) home in the elimination round but then lose LGD. Meanwhile, Liquid make a comeback after losing horribly in game 1 vs Secret in 2-1 victory.

  • Easy answer for this one, LFY still continue dominating TI7 sweeping TNC and VP to lowerbracket. VP vs LFY is worth to mention, very nice game to watch. LFY will be facing the veteran Newbee later.

  • Last, the prizepool will close to 25-26m which brings TI7's champions around 11m.

So this week, i will only post TI7 related. Now im watching live, Liquid vs Empire best of 3. im gonna be a walking zombie tomorrow in the kitchen Rooting for Resolution! go Empire!



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