Fnatic.dota2 eliminated in group stage after brutal beating from EG

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From My POV

They dont have a synergy as a team, resulting a very poor performance in this TI7 with 0 win 2 draws 6 loses in the group stage. QO was pretty good player when playing in the MVP team but today i dont see the real QO. Same goes to Ohaiyo, he was an unstoppable offlaner past TI. These 2 key players failed to show their skills. SADBOYS

Highlight of EG vs Fnatic from Noobfromua

My Question

  • will the 4 majors champion(OG) able to survive in the lower bracket and proceed to upper?
  • why team secret and ig.vitality in the lower bracket, some kind of tactical move?
  • LGD.LFY looks very solid team, will the be able to continue their dominance?
  • Prize pool 23.8m USD as of 6th august, will it stretch close to 30m?

As a veteran retired player, im hoping this kind of event(esport in general) getting bigger and bigger. Flashback, I started play dota while guinsoo(before icefrog took over and continue his legacy) is the dev, my friend laugh at me playing this kind of game. Now they are watching a game with millions prizepool.


to _ComeWithMe for accepting my replay and vouching me to IHCS-like league good ol' days



I played DukeNukem3D and DOOM 1,2 lolz.. getting old...

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Dukenukem was top game at their time! Then serioussam take over. My first game was jazz the jackrabbit! Lmao

I love jazz hahahah

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