LaserChain, Space and Machination of Time: The Shill of a Lifetime.

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There is not a step of Earth that has not seen slaughter; a solemn place, every inch. Perhaps peace is a phantom term.

As we moved from Earth into space, the slaughter continued. Rulers came and went. Children grew, fought, and died for causes they believed in. We populated beyond our means; shortages of food, water, and space made the desperation increase. There are always those who have an endless greed for power - a desire as infinite as the universe itself. There seems to be something at the core of human nature, a seed planted long ago, that perpetuates. Since time only moves forward, we may never be able to undo what has been done.

Divisions were created. Invisible lines we drew and called ‘states’ or ‘nations’ slowly dissolved as several factions devoured all others.

In the end, there were only three.

The Trius Corporation, The Avalon Federation, and The Nova Colony became balanced in power. An equilibrium based not on cooperation or hope, but desire to assimilate all to their will. They collaborated to conquer the world, calling it “The Formation”.

All who live on this planet swear allegiance to one of these gods. There is no choice. Everything seems hopeless, each person too insignificant to affect change. The impenetrable reign is absolute and has created a standoff that has carried on for the past 5 years. Order was achieved, but this peace is tenuous at best.

Four months ago massive meteors collided, shaking the planet and showering debris from the sky. Fragments scattered throughout all territories, a perfect chaos to defy the precarious order. Scientists, some licensed by the factions, others in direct disobedience, gathered slivers for research. They discovered a possibility that could alter the path of this world and all those to come. The fragments had layers; some as thick as a forearm, others paper thin. The outer layers were a dense, dead material, but inner layers glowed indigo. Lasers were the only tool powerful enough to extract the glowing shards, so it became known as LaserChain. This material had properties like nothing anyone had ever seen. The way oil had been used to alter our movement in the physical dimension of space, this seemed to alter our relationship with time.

The secret to eternal youth, teleportation, unstoppable weapons… or perhaps a way to alter human nature itself. People across the planets started to wake up, as did the sleeping giants.

The three factions mobilized a race to the planet where the meteor came from. Bands of resistance started to form alliances. Whether driven by greed or a desire for true change, the controller of LaserChain, could control the universe...

Closed beta now in progress for, with open beta testing launching in little over a week! I will start playing this week and doing a review, and gameplay. If you want to join me on beta here's where you do it! In the name of full disclosure: I do not receive anything for referral sign ups, this is just a direct link to beta builds ;)

This is a free to play, proof of play game. What does that mean? Check out the White Paper Here I'm ready to nerd out and dominate. Bwahaha


Nice game😄

Thanks! I'm just starting to dig into the new builds- I'm impressed so far, love all the robot units lol Plus love any way to get some extra crypto ;) tehe

Totally in awe of tech nerds and gamers in general. :) This newbie steemer struggles with basic video. haha.... But LOVE that you are out there, doing YOU. :)

I game every day, lol, but I'm actually a tech donk mostly ;) I am excited to get in and work with the story aspects though!!

I'm a 54 year old mom-entrepreneur - a journalist and musician by training. Haha I think I have played maybe 3 computer games with my daughter i her whole 13 year old life. :) I have NO IDEA. But my head loves the elasticity of gaming and the creativity it unleashes. 3D storytelling, if you will, where the player is the narrator and gets to choose the plot. :)

Hmmmm if you ever want to try one that is amazing storytelling try Assasins Creed Orgins... you get to travel and wander . My friend calls me a tourist assasin because I spend more time exploring and doing history tours than actually fighting 😂

Or just check out some videos of it, its amazing 😍

Gonna check that out and allow myself a new experience. :) x

Yeeee!!! and another one bites the dust ;) haha. Video games are magic to me, you nailed it when you said it unleashes elasticity and creativity, they are a whole other dimension we are working 0_0

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Excellent post.