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Hello Fellow Steemian!

Back again with me @khalilmuza, today we will still discuss Mobile Legends, and the Hero I am going to discuss today is General Yi Sun-shin. Yi Sun-shin is a military figure and national hero of Korea, who contributed to having succeeded in expelling Japan during his invasion of the seven-year war of the Joseon dynasty.

Yi Sun-shin is a marksman Hero in the Mobile Legends game that has excellent defensive and attacking ability. Although Yi Sun-shin is a hero marksman who uses an arrow weapon to defeat the enemy, he also has a special weapon to attack the enemy at close range ie the sword.


I just used this hero as much 63 times, with my winning rate of 73%. Hero Yi Sun-shin includes my Favorite Hero after Irithel, but strangely I fight more often using swords instead of using arrows. Because the damage generated when using the sword is greater than the damage generated when using arrows.

To do Farming does not take long, and I also do not use retribution spell, but Spell Inspire, if farming I suggest to use the sword because not much time-consuming.

If your opponent is Layla, your potential winning will increase, just jump in the direction of Layla using One-wave Sweep. Then attack using the sword. I also did the same thing to Alucard and the result was very satisfying, I won from Alucard.

His skill One-wave Sweep can be used as the ability to escape, or away from the enemy when the gang. So, in this case, he does not need a Flicker spell, but he will fit, if it is focused on Inspire spell to speed up his farming, in order to make it faster to buy gear, as well as leveling.

And also you can combine Yi Sun Shin with spell Fury (inspire), the point is certainly to make Yi Sun Shin's attack becomes more painful or dangerous for the enemy. To kill lord and turtle I suggest to use Sword, but it should be assisted by a team or at least you already have Haa's Claws item. To reduce the occurrence of death due to Lord and Turtle attacks. Damage to be generated also will be very large. I think this Hero is incredible.

My latest breakthrough in Mobile Legend:

Marksman Yi Sun-shin Ability

Heavenly Vow
Yi Sun-shin's passive Heavenly Vow passive ability allows him to bleed to the enemy when attacked using a sword (attacking at close range) and all his abilities. Heavenly Vow's passive capability also provides equipment for Yi Sun-shin which is a combat ship provided next to your base. This ship can appear in the game periodically.

One-wave Sweep
Cooldown: 10.5
Mana: 70
Yi Sun-shin's first active ability is the One-wave Sweep, releasing the energy wave toward the front while jumping backward that gives damage and slow to all enemies that hit it. When Yi Sun-shin climbs a combat ship and uses this ability, then the ship will go to the target area and inflict damage and stun into the area.

Blood Floods
Cooldown: 10.0
Mana: 70
Yi Sun-shin's second active ability is Blood Floods, charging arrows and throwing forward. The longer the charging that Yi Sun-shin does, the damage and attack range of the arrow will get bigger.

Mountain Shocker
Cooldown: 60.0
Mana: 170
Yi Sun-shin's ultimate ability is Mountain Shocker, attacking all enemy heroes in the map using arrows thrown from your base. The arrows will attack the enemy three times which can give both damages and bleed (Passive ability).
After knowing all the capabilities it has, it's time to share what items are suitable for use by it. Here are the ideal items for Yi Sun-shin Mobile Legends.

Attribute Yi Sun-shin

Movement: 240
Physical Attack: 116
Armor: 18
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2520
Mana: 438
Attack Speed: 0.858
HP Regen: 36
Regen: 15

Build Items

-Scarlet Phantom-
Scarlet Phantom.jpeg
+30 Physical Attack.
+40 Attack Speed.
+10% Critical Change.
The first item of the Scarlet Phantom that is useful improves the speed of either long-range attacks or also the short distances that exist in this hero. With the unique passive possessed by this item then the attack speed will increase 25% during the critical attack.

-Swift Boots-
Swift Boots.jpeg
+15% Attack Speed.
Add +40 Movement Speed.
To add movement speed as well as the attack speed required by Yi Sun-Shin, Swift Boots became the most appropriate choice for this build. But if you feel defense is more important than attack speed, you can replace it with Tough Boots if the enemy relies more on magic attacks, or Warrior Boots when the enemy relies more on the physical attack.

-Haas's Claws-
Haas's Claws.jpeg
+70 Physical Attack
+20% passive Lifesteal, When HP down 40% will receive an additional 10% Lifesteal.
This third item is useful to provide life steal capability, and also provides additional 70 physical attacks. With the addition of this item then, while killing the hp forest monsters will not be easy to lose and gold quickly collected.

-Berserker's Fury-
Berserker's Fury.jpeg
+65 Physical Attack.
+25% Critical Chance.
This item provides additional 65 physical attacks and 25% of critical attacks and also additional damage when the enemy is hit by a critical attack by 40% so that enemy hp will quickly run out. This item is also useful for short range attacks on this hero and adds the amount of life steal.

-Blade of Despair-
Blade of Despair.jpeg
+170 Physical Attack.
+10% Attack Speed.
After getting nerf with an additional loss the critical chance does not make this item disappear from the mandatory list of marksman items. The addition of a very large physical attack to its present superiority, which amounted to 170 physical attacks. In addition, Blade of Despair also provides an additional 10% damage when injuring enemies in abnormal status such as stun, transformed, and others.

-Athena's Shield-
Athena's Shield.jpeg
+900 HP
+56 Magic Resistance
+20 HP Regen
For the last item, I use Athena's Shield because I often fight with close range, so I add one defense item, which is useful to minimize the damage that Yi Sun-shin will receive.

So that's a little explanation of Yi Sun-shin , May be useful for those of you who want to buy or use Yi Sun-shin. See you next time!

Thank You & Best Regard @khalilmuza

Hey guys, I just would like to Thank you all for supporting me :)

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