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So today I will discuss again Mobile Legends hero. Curious what heroes I will discuss today, Today I will still discuss marksman, that is Miya. Who does not know Miya's beautiful archer?.

Miya is also known for heroes who have an Inspire attack speed and damage, so can be relied upon to kill heroes quickly. Miya skills will increase as the level of the hero increases. Having a high enough Physical Attack with high-Speed Attack, Miya is very reliable to attack enemies quickly. Even so, Miya has a small HP. Be sure not to fight alone and always keep your distance from your enemies. If God wants you can create savage easily using this Hero.

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My latest breakthrough in Mobile Legend:

Marksman Miya Ability

When attacking with the basic attack, Miya Attack Speed ​​will increase 5% for 4 seconds. This skill can be stacked 8 times.
Each marksman must have a wide range of attacks, so try to keep your distance with your opponent, as Miya level increases, the attack range will be even wider, and allows you to attack the enemy turret without having to face enemy turrets and wait for the minion.

Fission Shot
Cooldown: 11.0
Mana cost: 80
This skill will make the Miya arrows split into two and can attack two targets at once. This skill will increase 30% basic damage for 4 seconds.
This skill works to add basic attack, so try to release this skill at the last moment, before you attack the enemy with basic Attack.

Rain of Arrows
Cooldown: 10.0
Mana cost: 80
Showering an area with special arrows. When the enemy enters the area, it will reduce the speed of moving himself. If exposed to the arrow 4 times, the enemy will freeze for 1 second.
Use this skill when the enemy is in the same area and close together, if the enemy is within the range of this skill attack, it will be very profitable Miya, especially this will make the enemy unable to escape.

Turbo Stealth
Cooldown: 38.0
Mana cost: 120
ability to remove all movement effects, and Miya will be invisible for 1.5 seconds, increase attack power for 6 seconds and speed of motion for 1.5 seconds.
You can use this skill to attack the opponent. even though this skill improves attack power, but usually this skill is mostly used to escape.

Attribute Miya

Movement: 240
Physical Attack: 117
Armor: 17
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2524
Mana: 445
Attack Speed: 0.85
HP Regen: 30
Regen: 15

Build Items

-Haas's Claws-
Haas's Claws.jpeg
+70 Physical Attack
+20% passive Lifesteal, When HP down 40% will receive an additional 10% Lifesteal.
The first item for Miya is Haas' Claws who will gave him 70 physical attacks. Damage is the most important thing for hero Miya, Because that will make her first skill, that is Fission Shot, so secondary damage from her can be sick!, not just damage, Haas' Claws also will gives a 20 percent lifesteal, and will add 10 percent more if HP is below then 40 percent. Suitable really for duel 1 vs. 1 or even 1 vs. 2!.

-Swift Boots-
Swift Boots.jpeg
+15% Attack Speed.
Add +40 Movement Speed.
However, you also do not forget the movement speed Miya needed to escape or pursue his enemy using Turbo Stealth. So here i will use Swift Boots.

+25% Attack Speed.
+20 Movement Speed.
+20% Critical Change.
Windtalker in the Miya Mobile Legends build will make it a lively, aka slippery! Adding attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance, Windtalker also gives Miya the ability to attack more attack more target. If you already have a Windtalker, Miya can destroy turret very quickly! In fact, the fights at fellow Marksman may also be superior Miya thanks to the critical that keeps coming out.

-Berserker's Fury-
Berserker's Fury.jpeg
+65 Physical Attack.
+25% Critical Chance.
The fourth item in the Miya Mobile Legends build is Berserker's Fury, while also attacking Miya damage after the previous item is more focused on attack speed. Berserker's Fury will also keep Miya's attacks out of a critical hold due to its unique effect, Doom! By one? Brave!

-Scarlet Phantom-
Scarlet Phantom.jpeg
+30 Physical Attack.
+40 Attack Speed.
+10% Critical Change.
To be more deadly, add more Miya critical chance with Scarlet Phantom item! This object also makes Miya attack much faster thanks to an additional 40 percent attack speed, and 25 percent more if the critical is out!

-Blade of Despair-
Blade of Despair.jpeg
+170 Physical Attack.
+10% Attack Speed.
The final item, of course, is Blade of Despair which gives fantastic attack damage!. The unique effect is also synergized with Miya's Rain of Arrows skill, which if the opponent is hit by this arrow for 4 seconds, it will be stunned for 1 second. Well if hit stun, the opponent will receive a total of 110 percent damage!

So that's a little explanation of Beautiful Archer Miya, May be useful for those of you who want to buy or use Miya. See you next time!

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