Layla! Kill Your Enemy from the Farthest Distance! - Mobile Legends #2

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-Marksman Layla-

Hello fellow Stemians back again with me @khalilmuza!
How are you today? I hope fine :)

I am an ordinary young man who has an expensive hobby. And I think gaming is an expensive hobby, why do I say that?

Because I have spent a lot of my pocket money to buy a Game diamond. Before Mobile Legend was released, I played Crisis Action game.

Crisis Action is an Esports FPS game that will let you spend your pocket money on top up for weapons. In my opinion, this game is only suitable for sultans haha. If you do not do top up then you will lose in battle, due to lost item.

After I cursed myself for running out of money I stopped playing this game and switched to Mobile Legends. And I plan to buy some interesting skins from money writing in Steemit.

My latest breakthrough in Mobile Legend:

Today I intend to discuss Layla hero. I've pretty close to Layla, because the Layla has accompanied 98 matches and gave me a lot of victories.

My Mobile Legends Statistics


If you wanna play me, you can add me as your friend (ID: 99122553).



Layla is the my second most commonly used!

This hero is the first hero you will play in Mobile Legends. You can get this hero after going through the tutorial on the first exercise.

Winrate Hero Layla on my stats is 64.3% which proves that this hero is perfect for use in combat.


Layla is possible to produce a very large Damage, coupled with ultimately which allows a final attack in killing the hero of the opponent.

Another advantage of Layla is that it has a very long range, even allowing you to attack the opponent's turret without minion. If the hero is hiding behind the tank, it is very likely that you will get savage.

Every advantage there must be a weakness, as well as this one hero, this hero does not have the ability or skill to run and slow movement does not allow you to avoid Gank.

But just calm down, every problem there must be a solution, well for the solution of the shortcomings of this Layla is Flicker!

This flicker has a lot of benefits, one of which is to escape from Enemy Hero, this spell is suitable to cover the weakness of Layla. besides escape, this spell can also be used to chase opponents and penetrate the wall. This spell is perfect for all Hero.

To Build the item itself is almost the same as other Hero Marksman. But before I deliver the build, first see the Ability of Hero Layla.

Malefic Gun
Passive Ability and Basic Attack will give Damage more on the remote target, and the distance will increase from 100% to 130%.

Malefic Bomb
Throw Bomb Energy from Layla cannon, Gives 200 (+80) Physical Damage.

Void projectile
Threw Bomb Energy from Layla cannon, and generated 170 (+ 65%) Physical Damage. and slow the attacked hero by 60% for 2 seconds.

Destruction Rush
Shoot Energy from his cannon and deliver 500 (+ 150%) Physical Damage. Each upgrade skill increases the Basic Attack distance by 0.4.

Attribute Layla
Movement: 240
Physical Attack: 118
Armor: 15
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2500
Mana: 424
Attack Speed: 0.85
HP Regen: 27
Regen: 14

The Build Items:

-Haas's Claws-
Haas's Claws.jpeg
+70 Physical Attack
+20% passive Lifesteal, When HP down 40% will receive an additional 10% Lifesteal.

-Swift Boots-
Swift Boots.jpeg
+15% Attack Speed.
Add +40 Movement Speed.

-Scarlet Phantom-
Scarlet Phantom.jpeg
+30 Physical Attack.
+40 Attack Speed.
+10% Critical Change.

-Berserker's Fury-
Berserker's Fury.jpeg
+65 Physical Attack.
+25% Critical Chance.

-Blade of Despair-
Blade of Despair.jpeg
+170 Physical Attack.
+10% Attack Speed.

-Malefic Roar-
Malefic Roar.jpeg
+60 Physical Attack.
+40 Physical Penetration.
Ignore 20% Enemy Armor.

So that's a little story and Build item for Hero Layla from me, I hope this can be useful, and thank you for reading :)

Thank You & Best Regard @khalilmuza

Hey guys, I just would like to Thank you all for supporting me :)


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