Halloween Tragedy (Game 40) A Novel Idea - Sign up here

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The Story thus far:

It started out much the same as any other Halloween Night. The children were excited about getting dressed up and going door to door to collect treats.

Twelve-year-old Skyler was going to be a clown this year. He went all out and bought himself a wig and some clown clothing as well as a face-painting kit. His sister did an awesome job of painting his face and Skyler was very proud to go out as a clown. Skyler was expecting to collect a lot of treats this year, so he went into the garage to find himself a large potato sack for holding all his goodies. As Skyler dug around in the garage for the potato sack, a spider bit his middle finger and it began to swell up.

Skyler wasn't about to let a swollen middle finger stop him from collecting his loot, so he wrapped a bandage around his finger and drank something from his parent's medicine cabinet that he thought was pain killer. Skyler began to feel kind of strange, but his finger hurt less, so he was content and carried on with his plans for the evening.

Skyler's first stop for the night would be his best friend, Billy's house. He excidedly rushed over and pounded on the door, yelling, "Billy! Billy! Are you ready?"

Billy opened the door, noticing the bandaged finger, but had to comment on the awesome outfit: "Skyler, is that you? You look awsome as a creepy clown! What's with the finger? Do you plan to give everyone 'the finger' while trick-or-treating?"

Skyler just smiled, exposing his shark-like teeth.

To be continued...

Whoa! It's midnight and I JUST finished the artwork for this new adventure. I've been working 3 full days on the art. Definitely a labour of love because the pay is lousy for the hours of work involved. Anyway; here are the characters you will be working with:



New game starting as soon as we have enough players. Please sign up in the replies section below.

This is sort of a board game and can take up to 12 players at a time. It will require daily participation. If you are interested in playing, please sign up as a reply to this post. The first 12 players to sign up get to participate. If there are less than 12 players signed up after 24 hours of this post going up, it will either begin with those players or be postponed if less than 3 sign up.


Each player will control Skyler for 2 actions per turn. An action is a move, search, an offensive action (fighting) or opening a door. Skyler can move any number of spaces in one action.
If applicable (after opening a door) the player who opened the door will roll a D6 to determine how many occupants are in the house. Then, for each occupant, roll the D6 to determine if they are a man, woman, child, or baby.
Roll of 6 or 5 = Man (take 2 damage).
Roll of 4 or 3 = woman or child (take 1 damage).
Roll of 2 or 1 = baby (Babies are harmless and can't attack you, so you need not bother with them).

Men Adults will inflict 2 damage to Skyler, while women and children inflict one damage to Skyler on a successful attack. Babies don't attack.

Skyler gets to attack first but if the occupant of the house is not killed, they will attack in defense, so the player controlling Skyler at the time will roll for the occupant's attack.
All occupants get just 1 action per turn and can only fight immediately after being attacked.

Skyler can take 6 7 hits before he dies. Skyler can recover damage points by collecting the life-force from slain victims. 7 3 kills recovers 1 damage point.

Please pay attention to the moves that have transpired before you, so that your choices are based upon facts as they are and not as they were before (the people that played before you, just altered the situation).


  • Call on @rollthedice for a single roll (it seems roll2dice has died or @rolltwodice for 2 actions and 2 attacks) to see if your attack(s) are successful. Rolls of 1-3 fail and 4-6 are successful.
  • Axe (melee only) does 2 damage. If swinging at lesser enemies, the axe can chop down one enemy with 1 damage and continue through to injure a 2nd enemy with another damage point.
  • Teeth (melee only) can do one damage.
  • Baseball bats, pistols, rifles and crossbows do 1 damage. Bats are melee-only weapons. Pistols and crossbows have a range of 1 square. Rifles can reach 2 squares.
  • Sawed-off shotgun or scattergun: Since buckshot scatters, it would make a big hole shooting in the same square (hence 2 damage); at one space distance it loses momentum and scatters, doing less damage, but can hit 2 targets (dealing 1 damage each). Maximum range is 1 square.
  • CZ 550 is an Elephant Rifle and can do 2 damage at a range of 1 square (or less) and 1 damage at a range of 2 squares.
  • A Molotov Cocktail kills everything in the square it is thrown into and cannot miss. It has a range of 1 square. Combining gasoline and a torch makes a Molotov Cocktail. When a Molotov is thrown, it will burn for the remainder of the current day and the following day, essentially blocking access for the rest of the day and the next day for BOTH Skyler and occupants.
  • Ranged weapons cannot shoot through walls.

Player actions

Each player will write a short paragraph to continue Skyler's story and call on the dice-bots as necessary to keep the story moving. It is hoped that in the end, we will have a collaborative story made up by all players.
For example: Player 1 writes that Skyler went to his friend's home (moving is 1 action) then banged on the door (action 2, rollthedice to see if his friend opens the door). The dice roll was successful and his friend opened the door. Roll again to see how many people are in the house (the roll is 3 so we have 3 people in the house. Player 1 now needs to roll 3 more times to determine who they are. We get rolls of 3, 6 and 4, so a mother, a father and Skyler's friend, Billy.

Now Player 2 takes over and completes 2 more actions by writing that Skyler attacks his friend by biting his jugular vein (rollthedice to see if the attack kills his friend). If his attack is successful, Skyler might run away or attack one of the other occupants. In either case, that would be 2 actions and player 3 will resume telling the story, making things up as they go and embellishing the story as they see fit.

I will update the board with Skyler's new position for the next day's play.

Additional twist: When a "Clown Warning" sign is found, that house becomes searchable after all the occupants are killed.


  • A dice roll of 4-6 is a successful search and items found will be drawn randomly from a deck of cards.
  • Searches can only be done in homes where a "clown warning" sign is found.
  • Players need not take everything they find and are free to swap items found for inventory items without using another action to do so. For instance, if I find a rifle and I already have a ranged weapon, I would drop my x-bow or pistol and take the rifle in its place.
  • Skyler can carry up to 5 items.

The object of the game is to collaborate in authoring a short story about the tragedy of that Halloween night.



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ooooh, I like this idea !

Posted using Partiko Android

Wonderful! I'm excited to see what comes from your creative mind.

Wow, thats creepy, I like the open ended story as well. I'd like to play! Got a few ideas in my head of how the story could go.

I know payouts are low atm on steem but if you use the battle and steemace tags you can get upvotes in those tokens and sell them for steem/power them up and they work in the same way as steem. I have a large stake in battle so you should have quite a few battle tokens now as I have been upvoting you posts for a while, atm 88 battle is one steem.


Wow! Nice and thanks! I haven't been checking on any of my alt. tokens lately because I just don't have the time.

I'm also reluctant to exchange any of those tokens now because they might actually grow more than Steem itself, so holding on to them and powering them up might be the better way to go? Hard to predict anything with such new tokens.

If QuardigaCX was still in operation, I would likely be buying more Steem now that it's below 25 cents; an ideal time to buy. Unfortunately, they closed up and I need a new gateway.

Bittrex is what I use, and there's always blocktrades. You just need to send some other crypto.

Posted using Partiko Android

You just need to send some other crypto.

That's the problem. I have no other crypto and need to convert fiat to the other crypto and then buy Steem with that. I was buying Etherium and trading Eth for Steem.

Yes, new tokens could go either way but I have faith in a few

I'm real eager to see what kind of story this will turn into. I'm certain at least a few of you have good imaginations. I have some ideas in my head, but ultimately it will be YOUR story, so mine might not get put in unless I'm playing along with you all. It should be fun!

Okay, I am in I will give this a try looks a bit like games I have played before but with a new theme.

Great! Welcome to the team.

I'm def. in! This looks super-interesting.

Super! I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Sounds like a good creepy zombie story, I will join you and we will see where it goes. Creepier Things!

Posted using Partiko Android

NICE! Welcome aboard. This is the first time this game is being tried, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I'm in, BUT could you make women and men both do the same amount of damage? The difference in strength between a child and a grown-up is far large than the statistical average difference in strength between a man and woman.
I'm teaching kids right now, and they're tiny to everyone. Whereas many of my fellow teachers who are female could kick my butt.

Posted using Partiko Android

my fellow teachers who are female could kick my butt.

LOL... I was attempting to stay with what was already familiar damage from the dice rolls, but if you want ALL adults to do the same damage, I'm fine with it. We could have all adults doing 2 damage. Anyone else want to chime in on this idea?

It does sound fine to me, we had walkers and runners that only needed one damage last time around and hulks for 2 damage, so the damage level were reversed 2 for 2 damage and 1 for one damage. I guess we will see how that works.

Gotta be a tough and interesting game to play.

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Why would it be tough and intense? I think it can be fun and relaxing for some while exciting for others. For me, it is like watching a drama; you never know what will happen next. Exciting? Yes! Tough? Not so much... just don't take it too seriously. After all, it is fiction.

If you wish to join in, please just jump in.

Haha I got your point!

Posted using Partiko Android

I'll try again, Had a lot of fun in the last zombie game. I'll have to re-read this post before first move and hope I understand the rules.

Ooops... I should have read all your replies before asking.
It is more or less the same as before, with a few modifications. The biggest difference is that EVERYONE takes turns being Skyler and you use a narrative to embellish the story and develop it as we play.

Yes I will give it a try. I am sure someone would be interested in hearing all about how Skyler stub his toe and tripped then skinned his knee, like little kids are prone to do. ;-}


Count me so in!!

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