Shroud has to take a break from streaming because of his injury

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Shroud is in pain and needs to rest after second surgery

If you follow the Apex Legends scene you might now that a couple weeks ago the famous streamer Shroud broke his left hand in a scooter accident.

Since then he streamed quite a lot - often complained about how uncomfortable and painful his arm was. Apparently, he had his second second surgery on the 29th of March and by doctors orders he has to stay away from hardcore gaming. It is not known when he is expected to start streaming again.

Here is the video where he talks about his accident

Might hurt for the popularity

As of now, Shroud is the second most popular Twitch streamer with over 100 000 subscribers. It is his job to play and broadcast it, if he wouldn't be able to be on screen for too long he might lose a part of his viewer base.

To be honest I am not too afraid of that. If you reach a level it needs bigger things to make people not watch you than breaking an arm. I have been playing League of Legends for years and I know quite a few examples.

  • Tyler1 got banned from streaming and when he returned he had 382 000 people watching him
  • SivHD pretty much releases one video every year and is streaming really inconsistently, but whatever he does there are 1000 people watching and his Youtube videos have good numbers as well. (He recently started making Apex videos and they are quite fun, check him out on YT)

The point is that I think Shroud is going to be just fine and maybe a small break even keeps up his motivational level in streaming - he might be more energetic and fun when he comes back.

Anyway, as of now I wish him a fast recovery!

Thank you for reading my article!

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eyyy thank you so much!

If shroud was smart, he'd shoutcast other matches while he can't play. That would be a good use of his time, especially if he can't play. He can still make solid content and keep his audience engaged.

Yeah, that's a real clever idea! The only problem is that casting can be tiring too. If he is in pain he has no other option than resting.

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This is true. He wouldn't want to do it full time, but even a little bit would help keep his audience engaged and offer him income opportunities he wouldn't have otherwise.

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Thank you! :)

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Bocsi offtopicolok😂 csak jo latni meg egy magyart itt😁

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Szia! Igen, én is nagyon megörültem amikor láttam a leírásodat meg a logód :) Kb te vagy a 2.-3. magyar akit Steemiten látok. Nem tudsz valami gyűjtő helyről? Közös discord vagy valami ilyesmi?
Legyen szép napod, aztán majd követem hogy miket írogatsz :D

Hat en mar ismerek par honfitarsat de sajnos semmi gyujto helyunk nincsen😁
Paran szoktunk egymasnak voteolni meg ilyenek discordon csak kriptonikkal szoktam dumalni. Schibaval meg xplosiveval itt ott komment. A magyar kozosseg nem igazan huz ossze. Meg hat kevesen is vagyunk sajnos.
Majd remelem ez lassan valtozik es latunk csak magyar nyelvu cuccokat is.
Pont azon agyalok napok ota hogy hogyan lehetne behuzni tobb magyart😊

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