WIP : The Most Politically (IN)Correct Video Game Ever Unleashed

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Politically (IN)Correct

That's right folks you read it correctly. Work In Progress. The Most Politically Incorrect Video Game ever to be released into society.

First I will get this out of the way and say I really have no political beliefs or opinions when it comes to left or right politics. Both have some good points, both have some bad, and both are corrupt in their own little ways. And the way the left/right paradigm has taken over so many people's lives that they litterally lose family members over something as small as who they voted for during an election. I personally could care less who anyone voted for, I am of the opinion that it's all just a dog and pony show anyways. American politics has just become a big 24/7 reality show lately and I can't even pretend I'm interested in it anymore. It's run it's course for me.

But the one thing I CAN'T STAND is the politically correct culture of cry babies who can't even bear the sight of a few words before going into an all out mental ragefest over something that they have no control over. And it has really began to piss me off lately because now even comedians can't even tell a joke without being called racist. And then if you try to appreciate another culture. Woah you don't wanna do that because it's cultural appropriation. Which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.

Anyways I could on for days about the soy boy generation of whiny millennials who are so fragile that they are constantly refferred to as 'snowflakes'. That is the perfect fitting name since the mention of certain words or subjects without an accompanying and carefully placed 'trigger warning' can send them into a full scale meltdown the likes of which some people have never seen. Apparently these days people are to stupid to not watch something that would cause them such pain. Like if I know I am going to hurt myself doing something. I will refrain from doing cause that's what normal people do. Not these people, they will just watch and sit there getting so enraged until they have to react.

There is many ways to fight this PC culture war against feminists and political correction officers. My way of fighting back is going to be creating an offensive politically incorrect video, that makes fun of everything I can't stand about where society is going.

So far have just started working on some characters. Then next I will start working on creating the actual game. Still learning the game making part and as I will have to do it all myself there will be lots of work to do. That's ok because I need a way better PC before I will be able to start compiling the game because the one I have now is way to slow to run efficiently with that many 3d assets in the scene. Hence why I am here on Steemit trying to start a way to a better life for myself and make my dreams come true.



The main character is an angry bra wearing non binary gender fluid feminist(?) that must be refferred to as them. If you do not conform to her way of thinking then she will stand there yelling the same repetitive useless statement (through her bull horn of course) at you until you literally cannot even stand being on the same planet as her until the person commits suicide just to be removed from her presence.

Character 2 :

This one was modeled after Ellen Degeneres . She prefers to go by the pronoun of 'group ' although after 10 o'clock she is a battery operated toaster. 'Group' is "Them's' partner and when they are together as a 'group' you must not refer to them as a group or it's considered a hate crime. You must call them rentrap. That is Partner backwards. See how confusing all this crap is?

Character 3:


George Soros : He is the Boss and employer of the first 2 characters. He is the one who fund's all of their trips to different protests. Anyone who has any different opinions then him will have the 2 fem-bots sent to your function to disrupt the hell out of you and silence any opposing views to the pc culture agenda.

Boss 1:

The first Boss they must defeat is a mild mannered Jewish man.You may know him as Ben Shapiro. A man straight from the intellectual dark web who comes at "thems" stupid and pointless arguments with relevant facts, Harvard level peer reviewed studies, double blind science test results. He is very educated and formidable and if you stop yelling for a second and absorb some real facts it might melt them's brain.

Final Boss:

Well of course it would have to be Donald Trump. I am not even a Trump supporter but there is no better way to piss of a bunch of entitled snowflakes then by involving Donald Trump in some aspect. If you can get to Donald Trump before the 2020 election and get him to unblock you from his twitter by purely annoying the hell out of him with your useless pointless, and mostly wrong and regurgitated from someone else comments about how women are oppressed and it's all men's fault. (not saying their isn't parts of the world where women are actually oppressed, and it's disgusting that any place in the world is still like this..But definitely not in the West where these type of feminists run rampant ruining everything for everyone else. Maybe if they concentrated on fixing issues in countries where this is a problem they would be considered heroes)

That's just some ideas I have been kicking around so far. Still in the earliest stage of development . Don't think I hate women either. I just hate how feminist women in the west are acting like they have it so bad and everything is a man's fault. How that is affecting the PC culture wars in the worst popular ways. Raging Social Justice Warriors are actually ruining the world, Not fixing it. If you have any ideas or suggestions or want to be a part of this project please drop a comment or something. Thanks @gnarlyanimations



massive project dude, sounds like it will keep you busy and give you a place to take out frustration over how crazy it is to live in this world. Humour is the best medicine and the best way to cut through all the crap. great art by the way.

Lol yes exactly , everyday there is something else that just makes me shake my head. Best to get over it is just to laugh at it :) Thanks for the kind words

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Anyways I could on for days about the soy boy generation of whiny millenials who are so fragile that they are constantly refferred to as 'snowflakes'.
It should be millennials instead of millenials.

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