Have an Early Taste of Fallout 76... With This L33T Mod

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Some say, if you've never seen Macho Man Randy Savage fly above you while you explore Skyrim beautiful landscape, or have no idea what "ENB" or "CBBE" is, you haven't experience the fun of some of Elder Scrolls and Fallout games beyond the vanilla border. Of course, not all people are interested in spending weeks installing bazillion of mods for their game, as the game can be enjoyed as is. But, since now we have another Fallout game to look out for, this mod is probably a good one to try.

If you have your Fallout 4 still intact, as in not broken and unplayable because of mods, you can have a little fan-made early taste of the upcoming Fallout 76, with this Fallout 4-76 mod, made by a modder called SKK50. 

Fallout 4-76 is meant to give you an experience of what the Commonwealth in Fallout 76 may be like. As we know it so far, there will be storyline and quests like in singleplayer Fallout, but with no NPCs around. So Fallout fans can rejoice for finally won't have to see--
Good morning, General. You look absolutely stunning today! But another settlement needs your help. I'll mark it on your map.

Fallout 4-76 removes nearly all of the NPCs, including the companions, to create the feeling that the handful remaining NPCs are the players. Not only they are removed, but also replaced by human griefers that will follow you around while issuing "half-witted taunt messages", which I assume to replicate the trash talk that will happen in the general chat. 

As they will level up with you, they will not only throw half-witted taunts but also nuke the shit out of you from a distance. And if that wasn't enough, these 'players' have their funny online names that will give you cancer as well, such as L33T PWNZ HO, PGARVEY, and L33T REKTUM. Should you get rekt, you'll respawn on a random settlement with a message that says "Griefing. Griefing never changes." Ironic.

In the upcoming 76, crafting and base building similar to Fallout 4 are to be expected. Plus, you can move your base somewhere else, as well as getting your base attacked by other players. Fallout 4-76 give you a bit of the taste of that by making the Gr13fers able to destroy your base. And as soon as you step out of your safe zone, as I said, nukes will occasionally launched towards you, which as you may have heard already, is a feature in Fallout 76 where players can launch nukes at each other. 

While this mod seems like a joke, at the same time it's probably true. Or at least close enough to what Fallout 76 may play out like. And if you're worried about having unwanted conflicts, compatibility issues, and CTD, this mod does not have any dependencies or breaking the already installed mods. After you install it, you can simply switch it on and off in the game. However, it's a one-way trip. Issues will happen if you uninstall the mod. 

Here's a preview video from the modder.

Thanks for stopping by, Steemian. But before you go, there's another settlement that needs you help. Let me mark it on your map.

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