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Lutece Twins
Thursday, 28 June 2018. 

How's it going, Steemian. Rain here, and today as always I'll be featuring some of the best gaming posts on Steemit that you may or may enjoy. I didn't write anything wrong, mind you.
Anyway! Regarding this post, I've got an idea that I think should have been added since the first time I started this shout out series. The post's date! How could I not think of that? I'm pretty much like Level-5 or Bandai Namco for not thinking about adding difficulty options for Ni No Kuni II. So now the new update for this series is featuring gaming giveaways on Steemit, and post date. 

Here's this week's best gaming posts, part 1...

Top 10 One Hit Wonder Free Online Games Developers

I've tried Unturned, roughly one week been a noob in Path of Exile, planning to go back to League of Legends and start an adventure as an alien ninja in Warframe, and befriended enough gamers to know that Runescape is a legendary game. But I didn't know that the studios that made all these titles, plus the ones in this post I didn't mention, are developers known as "One Hit Wonder". What's One Hit Wonder? What other games are known as that? Well, you know what to do.

Game Review | A Blind Legend: A game made entirely of 3D sounds!

Not sure if I was hibernating under a rock for too long, or this game didn't get enough recognition by gamers that I didn't know about it until today. But I'm afraid it's the latter, given how much the user reviews it got on Steam since the game released back in 2015, which is very few (only 81 users). I think this is one of those games with a wider purpose other than just for the developers to make money and for gamers to play with, much like what Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice did. It'd be awesome to see more games such as these... sadly many gamedevs are currently busy with the battle royale bandwagon.

Here are some nice gaming giveaways on Steemit that you should join after this. Check them out!

@ddrfr33k Warframe Giveaway!
@gamegiveaways  Gaming Curation: Health potions on the house! + Giveaway: Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Regenerating health. Is this a good idea or just stupid?

Video game let you do things you otherwise can never do in real life, such as regenerating your (avatar) health, or maybe even instantly heal you. This is I believe, as one of the commenters said on this post, is simply a design choice. However, sometimes for some people health-regen isn't something that please gamers in some/any ways, and that's where you answer with your own thought. Do you think it's a good idea or stupid?

Take a look a Classic: Age Of Empires II

Age of Empires II was such a great game.
Age of Empires II is such a great game. This is one of the best games I ever played and was also my first step into gaming. In an era where we need a great RTS the most such as this, too bad that the new Definitive Edition launched as a let down for many of its' fans. Well, there's so little reason to put Age of Empires II down anyway. Try to read this good post and maybe you'll get the itch of playing this game again.

That's it for this the part 1 of this week's some of the best gaming posts from me by fellow Steemian. I hope you enjoyed these posts. And if you do, don't forget to support the authors by leaving your upvotes, interesting and constructive comments, resteem, give them a hug or something, ask them to go for a fancy dinner, etc.
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I really liked how Naughty Dog described their regenerating health system back when Uncharted 1 was coming out. They were saying that it represented Drake's luck and when it ran out he'd get the fatal bullet and died. I always thought it was a great way to make it feel more realistic and not just accept it as a game mechanic which exists outside of reality.

So you mean it's 'believable', yes? Sure fiction is meant to depict something unreal, but part of fictional work must be believable such as a way to make a certain mechanic feel more realistic (in this matter, health regen) that we see it as something else (as Drake's luck) and not simply a "game mechanic" like you described.
Ugh, I can't seem to find the right word for this...

Yeah, believable is probably a better word for it than realistic. So here's my last sentence with new and improved wording. :P

"I always thought it was a great way to make it feel more believable and not just accept it as a mechanic which exists outside of a game's reality."

But yeah, just calling it "luck regen" instead of "health regen" was brilliant in my opinion. It didn't change anything in the game, only our own perception and that was enough for it to make perfect sense.

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