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After the incredibly short yet a nice little experience that left me question about life, I've gotten more curious of what other little fun I can find in the corners of, hidden from all the excitement and hype of the more popular platforms such as Steam and GOG. And oh, did I find such things. 

As I browse through the platform, I think the games in here is more of experiments from people who are new into game development. The games I found are like a smaller piece of mechanics of a bigger game, like this one I recently found. It's called Inch by Inch, made by LevelXProject and Darelooks

Inch by Inch interesting mechanic is that it puts the player in a race against time. You shrink overtime and you must find a way to stop it as it gets harder to get around.

How do I do that? Lap dance?

You play as a scientist who work in a lab with little to no textures applied that looked like that one episode in Spongebob, but full of science! The absurd ones.

You wake up alone in the lab, then the game guide you to mix a couple of liquid materials. Seriously, I followed this 5 minutes chemistry class that turns out those formulas are for making coffee. The future is here!

But that tutorial are not only introduce me to the game, but also prepare me for the real deal. Turns out, there's something wrong with the coffee I made earlier (how could it not?!). It shrunken my body overtime, and I have to make the antidote that consists of 3 different materials. This is where the game begins.

I made a mistake by idling too much while I wait for the material to finish processing, and that's stupid. Nobody should do that when their body is getting smaller overtime! What the player has to do is to make ways early by dropping and stacking the props found around the lab. Do that too late and the more difficult it is to get around and to pick something up that it changes from "picking stuff up" to "lifting stuff up". 

I dropped it! But it didn't spilt all over the floor...? Science, bitch!

What I didn't expect to see is that I thought that's all about this game. It's a little surprise to find out that when I failed and had to restart, thinking that I know where to find all the required ingredients and be ready for it, the task was different. 

So the developer added a procedural generation for the item placement and the mission. It took me 3 attempts to finally won, which wasn't that much of a big deal for the scientist, because apparently the antidote I make earlier only stop the shrinking, not growing the body back to normal. 

The games found here maybe nowhere near as fun and great as the ones on the bigger platforms such as Steam, alright, but the impression I got from them is that, like I said, they're like some experiments on game mechanics that we don't see being implemented everyday in today's popular titles, and it's fascinating to look into these ideas. That's why I bother looking further around this platform (and Gamejolt) occasionally when I can find 'bigger and better' games somewhere else. 

And this one is definitely an interesting concept for a game. If you're interested to try, you can just go over here: Inch by Inch. Thanks for stopping by, Steemian!

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HI @gaming-stuff,
Thanks for sharing this info. It looked more like a science thesis then a game. but anyways..i will google this Inch by Inch.
Also i need you comments and upvote on my blog as i am new to Steemit. This will help me a lot in growing on this platform.

Seriously, man. Sorry if I come across as rude, but, did you even check the links I gave you in my previous post?

Of course not. Silly me. Here, let me try again. Here are some posts with helpful tips to help you "grow" that you should check out: This post and this post.

Thanks @gaming-stuff,
Your links were eye-opener for me. actually i wanted to do it for initial months till i get reputation of more than 45. then i would have taken my own road. But yes...after reading you previous links..i wont beg for follow and upvotes. But you can understand...every post here vanishes in no time. And no body even bothers to read your blog, no matter how unique and informative the content is.
But anyways... i wont do it again. Thanks a lot for guidin me.

If that was true, I wouldn't have come by to say hi to @gaming-stuff and read some of his posts. I've just made this post for you.

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