Crypto Game and Blockchain Gaming Updates for December 12th, 2017

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Hello crypto game fans! I’m Ciel and I’m bringing you your news updates for today!

Don’t forget I’m running a game jam over on my personal steemit! Build a game that incorporates crypto or blockchain in some way and submit it to me before January 20th! You could win some Steem, Smartcash, a CryptoKittie, and more!

Let’s get started!


The Steem-based MMORPG Steempunk have released their Firefox plugin and updated their website with stats and a fighter list to aid you in your question for victory. See you in the Clockwork Arena!

Also on the Steemit blockchain, Steemplay (the forthcoming gallery of open source games for steem) posted their second newsletter update for folks who want to know about updates to the platform. The team also has a discord if you’d like to get involved.

Moving over to Counterparty, there was a community hangout held for the platform on discord on December 2nd. Projects were invited to share their updates and community members were welcome to contribute their own thoughts and ideas. The recording is available here for you to listen.

Spells of Genesis has partnered with free to play game Skara to offer themed Counterparty tokens in exchange for SoG’s Bitcrystals, available at a dedicated swapbot. The tokens will have mostly cosmetic upgrades. Skara’s alpha version is currently available for PC with a Beta release scheduled for February 2018 and they have announced an ICO happening from January 23rd until February 23rd for an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain which will also offer cosmetic changes players.

Also in Spells of Genesis news, blockchainization is activated and it’s marvelous! Yours truly was the first player to snag an ICEUNICORN and I’m looking forward to collecting more cards. Congratulations on this amazing step, Spells of Genesis! Try it out for yourself and if you like you can also check out their newly released Calas of the Alabaster Company set. The card is at the Partner Merchant so only certain addresses can order one, but not to worry: the Public Merchant will have its own Alabaster Company cards available this holiday season.

Game developer MandelDuck has posted a demo video of a SaruTobi Island mini game.

Age of Rust developer SpacePirate Games advises players to “wrap up” their activities by the end of the month. The upgrade is coming and accounts will be saved but characters, inventory, and game progress will not be!

In Augmentors news, the team is approaching their early backer alpha release and have posted some sneak peek pictures.

On December 11th, Rarepepewallet experienced a hack. The individuals from both Rarepepewallet and Counterparty responded quickly and so far no funds have been stolen.

Developers at Book of Orbs want us to know that they’re aware of the issues displaying Rarepepes in the app and are working to resolve it.

That's it for today! See you next time! :3

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Nice write up, it's great to see the cryptogaming projects picking up!

If you are interested in games that incorporate crypto, do check us out (Hash Rush)!

We are an RTS game that gives the players the task to build mining camps on planets, protect themselves against PvE threads (monsters, nature etc) and extract crypo-crystals from the planet that you are on. The best part is, players actually earn a crypto of their choice (Eth, Zcash, Moreno etc) based on how much crypto-crystals they get over a period of time.


Thanks for the tip! You've been added to the list of projects to watch.

Awesome post, I'm a bit new here and this is the first I've heard of Steempunk. Definitely checking it out.

BookofOrbs Book of Orbs tweeted @ 12 Dec 2017 - 17:58 UTC

The issue regarding #RarePepes showing in the Book of Orbs environment is being addressed by our developers. Will be resolved asap.

SpacePirate_io SpacePirate Games tweeted @ 12 Dec 2017 - 17:45 UTC

If you are still playing the alpha version of "SpacePirate", you'll need to wrap up anything you're doing by the en……

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The Steempunk game looks awesome!!!I love the way they used the community interaction as the power up.