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Since the launch of Drugwars a lot has happened with and around this game.

Yes, I call Drugwars a game, since it is in essence nothing more than that in my honest opinion.

In the far beginning, Drugwars had a lot of flaws, maybe the game was not even a beta version and shouldn't have been launched that early. But that said, it was launched and quite a few Steemians jumped on it with some of them investing a lot of Steem (well, what is a lot, spending eg 1.000 Steem with a value of about 200-400 US$ is in parts of the world a lot of money, but in other parts an one night stay in a hotel cost about the same).

Some to more of these early Drugwars 'gamers', started to shit on Drugwars when the team decided to change things. But Why?

Please remember, changes were bound to happen, since the early day versions of Drugwars was just a game in early development; And development means changes. I didn't analyse where all the reactions came from, but I suppose those who shit on Drugwars are either those who came to Drugwars not to play the game, but to get a positive investment return; Or are so deeply in love with Steem that anything that goes against Steem in their subjective opinions is bad.

Don't get me wrong, I love Steem to become an important currency; A currency that will survive the next years, decades and more; A currency that becomes so relevant, we all can be proud we are part of the early days of Steem and all the services making use of Steem in one way or the other.

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Was it a bad plan to stop recording all transactions in the game at the Steem blockchain?

Not at all! The game was too slow! The game was too transparent, allowing easy manipulation and created a whole army of bots.

Was it a bad plan to move away from Steem as a rewarding currency?

Not at all! Isn't true the Steem community wants to have SMT? The ability to create new tokens? And isn't true that SMT is talked about for so long, but we still do not have it? Isn't true the native Drugwars token - Future - is simply a new token? So, even when Drugwars would've wanted to link their Future token to Steem, it is not possible; Not natively from the Steem blockchain at least.

Was it a bad plan to stop sharing Drugwars battle results to the Steem blockchain?

Not at all! The Steem blockchain is developed with the idea to power blogging type of service, for content creators to add value to the communities around the Steem blockchain. Spam has no place in this blockchain and since Steem's inception, we are trying to combat spam. The number of battle results shared became simply to much and therefore it became spam.

I certainly hope those who complain about Drugwars, stop doing so and let the team develop the game further.

  • If you think Drugwars is something else than a game? Change your mind!

  • If you do not like Drugwars, stop playing it!

  • If you think you can create something better? Please do so!

So, lets play the game and enjoy it!


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Music Library with more than 300 Entries
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I think it's good that @drugwars did what it took to make the game fast, and more playable, even though it meant only using the Steem blockchain for some of the transactions, not all.

But I actually don't think your article provided any good information or insight. The following articles gave me more insight and I found them on @hightouch's account:

  1. StateofDrugWars

  2. Analysis on Drug Wars' Economy + Response From @hightouch

Btw, if you want to support @drugwars they have a current delegation request on Steem:

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