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Unfortunately, Bloons Tower Defense 6 was not released today, but don't worry. It'll be soon.

Instead, we received a new teaser. This time we can see the new feature (line of sight) and even some of the maps. Sadly, the towers were blurred out, so we don't know what awesome monkeys await us.

We can see that BTD6 is indeed going to be in 3D. There are plenty of new features and interesting maps in this new game. Once again, everyone is hyped and dying to play it.

Above are screenshots from the GIF posted on Ninjakiwi's Twitter. I tried to record it and post it on DTube, but there was an error. If you would like to view the full GIF, please visit the Twitter account.

*Thumbnail image appears to be the new design of a Dart Monkey from BTD6. Looks pretty slick.

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I don't exactly get what's going on in this game but it looks fun o: Maybe you could explain some more about it since it seems a little bit specific o:

Great images, tho!

Thanks for your interest! :) Bloons Tower Degense 6 is an infamous tower defense game created by Ninjakiwi. You can read more about it in my previous post:

looks amazing this game :D

Yup! I'm really looking forward to it. :D

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