Feature Spotlight: Avatar Development

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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.


In one of our past feature spotlights, we already looked into avatars and their attributes. We shared some insights on what attributes exist, as well as what role they play for the avatars. However, back then, we didn’t discuss how the attributes behave and how they can be impacted by the player.

In today’s feature spotlight, we want to do exactly that. We’ll look into the two fundamental mechanics that allow players to develop their avatars, resulting in an increase in their general strength: leveling and training.

A brief recap on attributes

Avatars have four major attributes that depict their general power: strength, resilience, agility, and wisdom. The attributes have major impact on how avatars perform in clashes. Attributes thereby affect the fight moves to different degrees. Whereas some fight moves may benefit the most from strength, others might benefit more from agility, for example.

Ultimately, the attributes play a major role in the avatars’ performance and therefore their success in the competitions and leaderboards. Thus, as a player, you’ll want to make sure to always max out the potential of your avatars. In the following, we’ll dive into what that actually means.

Experience and leveling

Leveling is one of the major ways for players to develop their avatars. In good old RPG-fashion, whenever an avatar gained enough experience to reach the next threshold, it’ll level up. Upon leveling up, the avatars’ attributes will increase. The amount of increase is thereby determined by two major factors:

  • As discussed in the last feature spotlight, clans not only visually affect your avatars but also their archetype, meaning the general way each of their attributes will develop over time. For example, one clan might generally gain more strength, but less agility, whereas another clan is better in resilience over wisdom.
  • Apart from the clan archetype, avatars also have individual genetics, which, as the name implies, are different between each avatar. Although not as distinctive as the clan, individual genetics also determine the extent to which each attribute increases when leveling up.

It’ll generally take more time to level up, the higher your avatar’s level currently is. As a result, in the later stages of the game, you’ll therefore also find it a lot harder to further develop your avatars’ attributes and increase their power. Luckily, leveling is not the only way for players to strengthen their avatars!


Shards are a sort of in-game item that players can use to increase an avatar’s attribute of their choice. Whenever there’s a shard available, the player can apply it to a specific attribute, consuming the shard and increasing the attribute permanently. Shards allow players, to some extent, to impact their avatar’s archetype and shape the attributes to their wishes. Players can also decide to not use their shards and stack them to be used at a later point in time. However, the shards are bound to an avatar and can not be transferred.

There are generally two ways to obtain shards. Whenever avatars level up, in addition to the predetermined attribute increase, they’ll also receive a shard. Additionally, avatars can be sent to training, which eventually will yield shards as well.


Besides clashing to gain XP, training is the second fundamental mechanic to develop avatars and increase their power. Its purpose is also to ultimately increase an avatar’s attributes but in a more specific and slower fashion.

Training is a passive process, meaning after it has been initiated, it will automatically run for the specified time. Avatars can be sent to training at the expense of training tickets. Training tickets are one of the in-game items in Chain Clash and can be obtained through the market. However, since they have such an important role in avatar development, the tickets will also be obtainable as rewards for progressing in the game.

Every ticket is worth 2 hours of training. Players can apply a maximum of 6 tickets at a time, meaning the maximum remaining training duration for an avatar can’t be more than 12 hours. However, throughout the training, players can apply additional training tickets at any time to fill up the counter to the maximum (of 12 hours) again.

A training unit is completed after a total of 24 hours of training. Whenever an avatar finishes a training unit, it’ll be awarded one shard, which can then be claimed and applied by the player just like the shards from leveling up.

The future of training

With training, we wanted to introduce an additional way for players to be able to work on their avatar’s power, which doesn’t require the player to be active at all times. Also, in the context of clan genetics, we want players to be able to shape their avatars themselves to a certain extent. That’s especially important to allow people to strategize and find their own, preferred way of playing and clashing. Through obtaining shards, players can do exactly that by finding superior fight strategies and develop their avatars based on them (or vice versa).

Although there’s currently only one form of training ticket and one form of training, we have a couple of ideas and plans for how we can expand this mechanic in the future:

  • Special training tickets that come with additional effects like XP rewards or temporary attribute boosts
  • Differently valued training tickets. E.g. worth more than 2 hours of training, or can be stacked for more than 12 hours in total
  • Boosts that lower the threshold for one training unit or yield special shards
  • and much more

NB: Let us know your ideas for avatar development and training in the comments below!

Closing thoughts

Character development is the fundamental way of progressing in Chain Clash. Whereas other elements of the game, like clan competitions or leaderboards, for example, are also important objectives and ways to progress for players, ultimately, everything depends on the individual avatars and their power.

We hope this feature spotlight helped you to get an understanding of how the core aspects of character development in Chain Clash work, and maybe even sparked some interest for trying it out yourself!

If you want to get going with shaping the perfect avatars and fight strategies, join our closed beta! We’re still letting new testers in every week, so simply join our Discord and let us know that you’d like to participate.

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