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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.


We’ve been talking a lot about clans in Chain Clash; that it’s kinda all about them and that they represent cryptocurrencies and their communities. Now it’s time to talk about how they actually impact the gameplay and why you should care if your favorite crypto isn’t in the game, yet.

The clans

If you haven’t noticed yet, the five clans we’re starting the game with are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Tron

You’ll see the ticker symbols (e.g. BTC for Bitcoin) for their tokens in many places in the game.

If you’re wondering why we’ve ditched XRP, BNB, LTC or your other favorites in favor of those particular five coins, then the answer isn’t trivial - we’ve been debating a lot and had to find the best compromise. That said, it doesn’t mean that we’ll stick to these five forever. In case there’s enough demand for a particular coin, we’ll add it of course.

Making a difference

Now how will the different coins and their blockchains be represented in the game? Will it make a difference whether you’re fighting a BTC or TRX avatar? Oh yes, it will!


Of course, avatars of different clans will look different. The common avatars all look fairly similar, but you’ll recognize your clan in their colors and logo prints. Over time, there will be more advanced (and more specific!) looks for clan avatars, and they will become more and more distinguishable.

There’s more than just the looks of your avatars, though.


The biggest impact in terms of gameplay is in the genetics part of the avatars. Each avatar has their very own and unique genetics which will determine their future development when they gain experience and advance in levels. However, their fundamental predisposition to gain strength, resilience, agility or wisdom strongly depends on the attributes of the clan’s blockchain.

Think of it this way: Can you imagine a Bitcoin avatar being very agile and speedy? Really? Think again ;)

We view it this way:

  • Strength represents the blockchain’s ability to process a high number of transactions
  • Resilience models the blockchain’s stability and reliability
  • Agility comes with the speed of development and introduction of new technologies
  • Wisdom represents the state of adoption, the number of dApps and size of the developer community

Now you can do the exercise yourselves and map the blockchains and clans to their avatar genetics. Let us know what your results are!

The reason for clashin’

One of the main reasons for us to make a game about clashes between crypto clans is, well, the fact that these clans (or communities) are constantly clashing already, e.g. on Twitter. We wanted to give the crypto communities a place where they can settle their disputes and find out which crypto’s community is the most supportive.

That said, it doesn’t mean at all that you have to stick to one clan. Own as many avatars of as many clans as you like. But in the end, it’s all about putting your clashes where your mouth is. It will be hard to keep multiple of your avatars in the same (brilliant) shape, so you’ll be prioritizing, and this is what we wanna see.

The big HOW

Clans are not only relevant in the context of avatars’ characteristics and appearances, but throughout the game in general. Since the rivalries and conflicts between crypto clans are the main element in the Chain Clash game story, there will be a number of ways for players to live them out.

Challenges and achievements

Completing challenges and reaching specific achievements is one way for players to progress through the game. Both require the player to complete a specific task and come with a number of in-game rewards.

Challenges are thereby of a short-term nature, are only active within a specific timeframe, and can be completed rather quickly. Some examples are: “defeat 3 BTC avatars” or “train an ETH avatar for 6 hours”.

Achievements on the other side are basically major milestones that players can work towards. Each type of achievement will have multiple tiers, which unlock a badge for the player once reached. For example, the different tiers of the “Tron Slayer” achievement can be reached by defeating 20, 50, 100, 500, etc. Tron avatars.

Both categories will feature a number of clan-related tasks to not only yield in-game rewards for the players but also to let them live out their affections or aversions towards specific clans. I mean, as a Bitcoin maximalist, who wouldn’t want to call themselves a “Bitcoin Cash Slayer” at some point?

NB: There will be a dedicated feature spotlight for challenges and achievements, so stay tuned on our blog to learn more about this topic!


As introduced in one of our previous feature spotlights, clashing is one of the core mechanics of the game. Ultimately, all disputes and conflicts between clans will be settled through clashes.

Clashes thereby take place in arenas. The concept of arenas has been introduced by us for a number of reasons. Besides building the foundation for our matchmaking mechanism, they’re especially important in the context of clans. Hunting for ELO to climb the global ladder is fun, sure, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Sometimes you just want to put some specific opponents in their place and, for example, unmistakenly prove the superiority of EOS over Tron, right? That’s where clan arenas come in handy.

Besides the ladder-relevant arenas which are open to all clans, Chain Clash will feature a number of special clan arenas. Some examples:

  • Clan specific arenas, like an ETH arena where you’ll be able to always clash vs ETH
  • Clan vs clan arena, like the “Hardfork” arena which always matches a BTC vs a BCH avatar
  • Special tournament arenas, where a specific number of avatars from each clan can qualify for


Since the competitions between clans are such a major topic in Chain Clash, there obviously needs to be a way for clans to compare each other.

Individual avatars are represented in a global leaderboard, where each avatar has a rank. Now, to see the best of each clan, players can simply display the leaderboard by clan. However, what’s more important, is the clan leaderboard. Each clan will have a score that is calculated based on their members’ individual performances. The better the clans’ avatars perform, the better the overall score in the clan leaderboard.

The clans’ scores in the leaderboard will be the focal point for a number of mechanics and features we’ve planned for the future. Ultimately, we’ll want the players to play towards supporting their favorite clans and increasing their overall standing while being rewarded if successful. However, that’s all we’re revealing at this point since that’s a topic for a future feature spotlight.

Closing thoughts

Clans already are a big part of Chain Clash but will become even more important with future updates. We hope that this feature spotlight sparked some competitive motivation for you to start clashin’ and fight for your favorite clan! If you want to get going right away, join our Discord or visit our website to apply for our closed beta. Otherwise, stay tuned on our blog to not miss out on our public launch.

Also, let us know what crypto clans you’d like to see in the game, as well as any ideas for clan-related arenas, challenges or achievements you have! Maybe they’ll make it into the game ;)

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How about adding Steem as the 6th or 7th clan? There's a huge community behind Steem, who might be interested in playing their favourite blockchain as a clan. ;)

~Smartsteem Curation Team

maybe... potentially... there might be a way for people to have a say in which clan we'll add next ;) we'll make sure to let the Steem community know once that's happening!

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