Chain Clash - Gotta clash 'em all!

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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. Collect and train a variety of avatar fighters and join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans. Engage in competitive battles with your rivals, prevail and indisputably prove the power of your clan!

Bitcoin, dark matter and the origins of Alpha Block


Over a decade ago, a mythical being called Satoshi Nakamoto sparked a technological innovation that would change humankind forever. Legends have it that Satoshi was a time traveler, sent from the future to save humankind from the destructive consequences of centralization. Others say it’s a supernatural being, transcending between dimensions, which, when leaving our reality, left a spark of highly collimated transformative energy, resulting in the formation of the genesis block. Most likely we’ll never find out, but no matter its origins, blockchain was set out to change everything, eventually…

After the early years of disregard, and only due to the relentless efforts of a secluded group called “early adopters”, the bitcoin blockchain eventually reached popularity. Society learned about its purpose, it’s ever-expanding uses and all the good it can do. But little did they know what corrosive energy was looming and lurking beneath the blockchain’s surface.
Originating from the generation of hashes dark matter has silently amassed between the blocks.

The day the bitcoin blockchain burst, resulting in the two separate chains BTC and BCH, the dark matter was released and formed to what we know as the Alpha Block. Over time the Alpha Block, developing its own consciousness and feeding off of the now manifold blockchains, sparked descendants, the “avatars”, from the various blockchain particles it’s been consuming. The avatars, having their own consciousness and will, started to develop antipathies against each other. Based on their origins, the particles from various blockchains, they formed clans… clans to clash.

Avatars - not just collectibles

Avatars are the main protagonists of Chain Clash. In essence, they’re collectibles, living on the EOS blockchain. But that’s not what makes them special. There’s actually a lot more to the avatars than you might expect:

  • A set of attributes. An avatar’s attributes can be influenced by you by training it or gaining experience from fighting.
  • Inborn genetics. Just like real humans, avatars have quirks. In our case, the genetics impact their attributes.
  • Changing appearances. Every avatar has a specific appearance attached to it. However, you’ll have to take care of your avatars, or you will literally see the effects. You don’t want it to run wild, do you?

The game will feature a plethora of different avatars, varying in appearance, attributes and rarity. Since Chain Clash is a game about rivaling clans, the avatars will generally be affiliated with one, and show it with pride!

Initially, we’ll start with the android avatars, but already have a number of new types and categories in the pipeline. One of the first additions will be human avatars, which will be realistic likenesses of actual people. Maybe some will even look familiar to you!

Layer 4.png

Avatars will exist in five tiers of rarities.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Common to Legendary avatars will be obtainable through the in-game market, although Legendaries will be extremely limited. Mythic avatars are the most special category and extremely hard to get. Only very few will be available through special events and challenges (check our Discord to learn how to get one).

Clashing, Clashing, Clashing…

As we said earlier, Chain Clash is not your average collectible game, because there’s a lot more to it than just owning avatars. Instead of just letting your collectibles gather dust, you can let your avatars engage in clashes versus other players.

A clash is basically a fight in which your avatar takes on an opponent. The outcome is thereby determined by three factors.

  • The avatars’ strengths
  • The fight strategy of each combatant
  • A tiny bit of randomness

The fight strategy can be set prior to the fight. When clashing, you can then watch your avatar, in all its glory, take on the opponent in an engaging fight scene.

Clashing is not just a way of showing off your avatars and their strength. Chain Clash is a competitive game and by prevailing in clashes, ultimately, your avatar will be able to climb the ladder. However, you’re not just fighting for yourself...

Clans and seasons

Each of your avatars will be affiliated with one of the game’s clans. Clans are representing real-world communities from the crypto world, like those of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The goal of the game is to help your clan to victory, meaning to reach the top of the clan leaderboard.

To make the competition between clans more loaded with action, the clan competition will be based on seasons. Each season is active for a set amount of time. During a season, players and their avatars can collect season points for their clan. Whichever clan has the most points at the end of a season, wins. Besides fame and glory, the clan members will be rewarded with sweet season rewards!

There are generally two ways to win season points for your clan:

  • Clashing. Your clashing results will impact your clan’s standing.
  • Challenges. Chain Clash will feature a number of fun challenges, from individual to community challenges, that’ll be rewarded with in-game goodies and season points.

Sophisticated in-game visuals

Chain Clash is not only unique in regards to what you can do with your collectibles but also when it comes to the way they look.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been working really hard on developing an engine, that allows us to generate high-quality, realistic 3D character artwork. The best part about it is that all assets are fully animatable.


Chain Clash is one of the first applications utilizing this engine. It enables us to take blockchain collectibles to a whole new level. Our avatars are not just based on “simple” artwork, but powered by a top-notch graphics engine. We think that’s great because it dramatically enhances the visual appeal, the interactive capabilities, and therefore the general gaming experience.

To make Chain Clash an appealing and engaging game now and in the long run, we’re focussing on three major objectives regarding our artwork:

  • Variety. Even the most beautiful and realistic artwork gets boring if it’s the same all the time. We will create a variety of appearances for the collectibles. Android avatars are only the start, with humans following soon. However, in the future, there will be a lot more categories of avatars.
  • Individuality. Your collectibles are yours - it’s blockchain after all. The avatars will have individual visual features allowing you to distinguish yours from others.
  • Interactiveness. Clashing is a major element in our game, but only the start when it comes to interactive uses for your avatars. We have the technical foundation to build on to create more and more interactive experiences for you. Ultimately, we want you to be able to see your avatars in action as often as possible.

Powered by blockchain, but built for everyone

There's a number of reasons why we decided to build Chain Clash on blockchain. Without diving into the depths of this topic, let’s quickly talk about the general reasons:

  • In-game asset ownership - power to the player. We don’t want to impose any restrictions in terms of how, when and where to use or exchange in-game assets.
  • Transparency and provable scarcity. You’ll have full transparency over which and how many avatars exist.
  • Interoperability. Although this depends on external factors and is still a long way off, we like the idea of being able to use the same in-game assets in multiple games, easily. We’d be happy to see Chain Clash avatars being used in other games or applications!

In essence, we want to create a fun game with “tangible” in-game assets of actual value at its core. Our vision is to give as much freedom to the players as possible. However, that’s not an easy task to accomplish, and certainly is not done within one step. There are a lot of tricky questions to be answered and design decisions to be made along the way.

Best fit: EOS

One of the first questions we had to answer was which blockchain to use. Chain Clash is built on the EOS blockchain. Now you might ask yourself “wait a second. Chain Clash is about rivaling cryptos but it’s built on EOS. Isn’t that biased?”. And that’s a valid concern, but applies to any blockchain we could have chosen. What counts is that we didn’t build the game on EOS without thinking and just because we’re EOS fanboys.

Our goal is to build a consumer-grade game, and not just any dApp. After evaluating various options, we’ve decided to go with EOS. The main reasons being the transaction throughput as well as zero transaction fees, which in our eyes are both crucial for reaching our goal. We’re aware of the problems and disadvantages that come with choosing EOS over other networks but ultimately had to choose one where we saw the best fit.

We place a lot of importance on providing equal chances to everyone (and every clan). Ultimately, it’s our goal to let all aspects of our choice of blockchain fade into the background, so that users won’t even notice it’s EOS. (stay tuned in our blog to learn about how we’re planning to do this)

How to play the game

We want it to be as easy as possible to play Chain Clash, which is why we’ve decided to go with a free-to-play approach. You’ll get the first avatar for free and can start to play right away! All you need is an EOS account. In case you don’t have one yet, we recommend to go check out Wombat (currently for Android users only), or follow this brilliant guide.

Once we’ve launched the game you can play it by simply visiting our website. Since Chain Clash is a browser game, optimized for mobile, you can play it on any device.

Who and why?

Chain Clash is built in a collaboration between the two companies DNABlock and Chainwise Group.

DNABlock, based in LA, California, are industry veterans in the fields of immersive technologies for gaming and interactive digital humans. They are the creative minds as well as tech-geeks who’ve created the technology that powers all artwork in the game. This backend enables the generation of all kinds of avatars, from humans to androids and more, and to easily create immersive, fully animated visuals from it.

Chainwise Group, based in Berlin, Germany, are experts when it comes to blockchain and software development. As gamers at heart, they’ve been intrigued by the idea of incorporating the benefits of blockchain into gaming ever since the early days of smart contracts and dApps. With backgrounds in software engineering, blockchain, and game development they’ve set out to use their profession to change the gaming landscape for the better.

Chain Clash is our take at developing a game that utilizes blockchain to provide actual value to users. Although we are believers in the idea of gaming becoming a major factor in pushing mainstream adoption of blockchain, that’s not our basic motivation for building the game. First and foremost, we’re developing Chain Clash to build a fun and engaging gaming experience. Blockchain is merely an enabler for our vision of the game and the value proposition towards our users.

This philosophy is also reflected in our roadmap. We’re focussing on adding more and more fun and engaging features to the game while moving the blockchain aspect into the background. To learn more about the ideas and features we have in the pipeline, stay tuned on our blog!

Exciting times ahead!

We’ve been brainstorming, designing, developing and iterating over this game in stealth mode for over a year now. Consequently, we’re super excited to finally present our game to the world, get feedback, and make Chain Clash the game we envision it to be! The next major milestone in our timeline starts on August 1st, 2019, when we launch our private beta.

In the course of the upcoming weeks, we’ll release more and more sneak-peeks for the game and invite selected people to our beta. If you’re interested in Chain Clash, make sure to join our Discord to get the exclusive insights and apply for the beta!

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Thanks! Hope to see you on our Discord or in the game really soon!

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Great! Hope to see you here more often. Also feel free to join our Discord for more content and more discussions!

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