What Is Chain Games?

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Move Over Hollywood

The entertainment industry has a new leader and it is in the hands of the gamers. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V more than doubled the highest earning movie of all time (Avatar). With 6 billion dollars in revenue, it is the new 'Thriller' of the entertainment industry. The Mario and Call of Duty series have both eclipsed over 15 billion dollars with Mario well on it's way to being the biggest video game icon of all time.

Time For a 'Chainge'

Here at Chain Games, we see the potential to expand and build on that popularity and leveraging it to bring more people to our beloved STEEM blockchain. Fact is, there is no gaming community that I am aware of inclusive of all types of gaming on the chain. Our goals are to unite the gamers already here on STEEM, and to reach all people of all ages with something suitable for them not only to play, but to learn about and feel included in! With the inevitable arrival of SMT's and communities, we are harboring this chain to its full and present potential by building a community people will love and want to be a part of.

Wow, Really?

Imagine a site where you already fabulous gaming Steempeeps can have it dedicated to your interests. VIDEO GAMES! We will have review authors for the latest games, live streaming feeds, and of course, exclusive games! There will be a unique membership offered and innovative rewards system (thanks to SMT's and the impending HF20) in place to encourage people to keep coming back for more. @enginewitty's vision is a huge puzzle piece to get this beautiful picture going and here's what he has envisioned so far:


  • New member creation via email. Upon creating a member, they will also have to choose a unique username and SITE PASSWORD as they will be effectively creating a STEEM profile. Permission to use necessary keys will be granted for the site upon creation. Their key access will be emailed to them and an explanation as to what they are used for. They will be automatically signed up for a newsletter which will periodically inform them of new games and features on the site.
  • As all emails and likewise, STEEM IDs, are unique, they will be given the option to login upon return with either their username or email and password. If a person is already a blockchain citizen, they may use their necessary keys to log in.
  • Only posts relating to the blockchain and video games will be found on the site. These can be anything from reviews to gameplay experiences on up to advancements with current other UIs or chain forks.
  • There will be a section for game streaming with 4 different categories - Favorites, Newcomers, Live Now, and Hot Streams. The goal is to harness DLive and reward those streamers regardless if they are streaming one of our games or not. This is a community for gamers. So if @dlive, @teamdlive, @wa7 or Cole Chen want to make this easier, please contact @enginewitty on Discord.
  • A home website and a mobile app with the ability to either download or play some of the games directly from the site(s).
  • Multiple currency and Token support. As other SMT's surface, some may be accepted depending on demand. STEEM and SBD will always be accepted. We already have one of our devs that have built a gateway to allow Credit/Debit, BTC, LTC, various other cryptos and fiat to be accepted as payment BUT
  • Not just payments, also as a tip system. When a user creates a profile, they will have the options to choose which ways they can be rewarded on the site for their gaming content and to actually reward developers for good gaming experiences. Defaults will be our token and STEEM (same as a Steemit upvote).
  • A login bonus will be created similar to many of the games that are already out there to encourage game play and can be used to trade for in game and on site purchases and even trading with other members.
  • Free to play games!! We have confirmation from our first game to be appearing on Chain Games - @chibera! This is a MMORPG that looks fantastic!
  • Game reviews for the hottest and newest games of all genres from STEEM-based to Indie to Shooters to Action RPGs.
  • Links to specific game forums for our blockchain based games and gamers.
  • Chatbox for all the silly trolls and gabby ones
  • Adspace? Still a lot up in the air as to what we can do with this ;)

What We Have

In The Works/Wanted

  • Possible integration with the brand new @steempets by @thebugiq and @derosnec
  • @steemmonsters integration, in talks with @aggroed about level of involvement
  • Background (possibly) music for games - @isaria & @yidneth?
  • Reaching out to already established gaming companies to generate revenue via affiliation and breed familiarity
  • Contacting several other devs and designers for new original games
  • Looking for a streaming service to integrate with our site, @dlive is optimal
  • Review writers and gamers to submit publications for just about any kind of gaming
  • Other site mods/oracles
  • Other possible investors

Feel You Can Contribute?

Reach out to @enginewitty on discord and let me know what your capabilities are and the amount of time you can dedicate to this project. This is still in its early conception so is very pliable as to the direction we take. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone that wants to be involved in some form or another.

It's Coming Along!

I love playing video games and all kinds of things related. I am personally (@enginewitty) one of the top holders of Steem Monsters cards and play 'The Lord of Darkness' on @carrieallen & @chrisrobert's Playhouse on Friday Nights @ 7p.m. EST. Competition brings out the best in people and I'm counting on it to bring the best out of our STEEM brothers and sisters as well. STeeM oN my peoples!



Wow, this sounds fantastic! I love to play old school video games.


Neither can I. The news is that there will be a test net for the SMTs in January and they'll be rolled out in March!

This is wonderful, I hope to participate in any way that I can.

Will most def put you on the list my man.

This is going to be very cool, thanks for getting us all together @chain.games

and thanks very much to @enginewitty


Most def sweets, some beautiful things in store!

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