Accelerating Exponentially

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Hello again Steemians, this is Erik Johnson co-creator of Cache.

In our previous post about our switch to Steem (#SwitchToSteem), we alluded to accelerating development of the game. Here's some more details on that.

Exponential Impact

With the help of Exponential Impact, a Colorado-based startup accelerator, our team can now immerse ourselves in building Cache, as well as receive the kind of support we need to create the very best blockchain gaming experience.

Exponential Impact

We feel this path allows us to focus on what really matters - developing a fun and rewarding game experience for the players. We aim to build something where you can find fun, pleasure, humor - but also respect, success, and community... oh, and crypto, of course.

Here's an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette about us joining Exponential Impact.

Cache, Wizards

Revealing the Cacheverse

We have a clear vision of our roadmap, and we are excited to share the "Cacheverse" with you while we build it.

Several times a week we will be posting straight from our game design bible - back stories, characters, exchanges, cryptocurrencies - all the things that make up the Cacheverse. By the release of the game you will be familiar with KIKAI HASHIMOTO, and the reasons why PORT 23 may be the best place to trade KAIOTE - among many other things. Be sure to let us know what you would like to know more about.

Clay on top of the Cacheverse

Stay tuned to our channels - @cacheverse on Steemit (obviously) and @cacheverse on Twitter.

For a limited time, head over to to pre-register and receive a free in-game item. Thanks again, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.


Cant wait, I hope that this is going to be great.... Excited about it.....

Does that mean you are still going to be Steem-based?

I didn't see any direct mention of that.. you mentioned Steemit but not Steem ( besides your earlier announcement of #SwitchtoSteem )

Actually, we're going totally Facebook Libra... just kidding. Definitely Steem-based. :)

Thank you 🤪

I can't wait to see the result of your game with Steem. All the success...

Waiting for this great game: D

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