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Hello everyone and welcome to the Result of the third Axie Breeding Session: "How to breed a Sumo Axie !


In the third session, I bred a axie with the pattern 3 and a spiky axie together and hoped for a Sumo Axie:


Here is the result!!!:

If you know a bit about Axie Infinity, you will know that this axie is extraordinary! Not only it is a sumo axie as we planned! But his moveset is incredible:

Silence whisper: heals 1/4 of max HP to front Ally
Eggshell+The Last One combo: The 2 highest attack move (28 and 31 respectively)
Croc: A decent reptile attack dealing 20 damage

I would use it behind a tank for its heal and its damage dealing in ability. In this battle,you can see the sumo saved the tank with its heal and dealt many damage to my opponent’s axies.


If you remember a secondary objective was to get an axie with shape genes exclusively but unfortunately it didn’t work out…

I guess we can’t have everything, and I’m still more than happy about that breed !!!!

Thanks for following the serie!

Still 3 axies to giveaway, post your eth address in comment if you want one!

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There is also a landsale going on here.
You can learn more about the landsale on my previous article: Start your kingdom in Axie Infinity today!

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Also, I decided to write this serie in English so it's available for more people but if you're french and need advice/ tutorials to get started with Axie Infinity don't hesitate to contact me!

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