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Hello everyone and welcome to the Axie Breeding Session #5: "Pure triple nut” !

In the last session I started my quest for moon axie. Unfortunately I don’t have enough axies ready to breed to make a new “moon" breed today.


Today, my objective is different, I will try to get a pure beast Axie with the 3 “nut cracker” parts (triple nut). Combining the 3 nut parts on a pure beast would make a very good tank destroyer for battles and tournaments. That is because for each nut part you have, your nut moves gain +2 attack. Moreover, beast attacks are more effective against plant defensive moves that are often used for tanks and a pure beast axie would have the max morale(61) which make crits happen more often.


Let’s start the breeding !

I chose two 5/6 beast axies that have “nut cracker” parts. The first one with has the tail and the second one the mouth and ears parts. Using freak tool, you can see that my probability to get a pure beast with those two axies is 10.3%.

As for the triple nut the probability is:
37.5(ears) * 37.5(mouth)* 37.5(tail) = 5.27%

If we add the probability for other part to be beast I get:

5.27 * 1(horn)* 78.125(back) * 62.5(eyes) = 2.57%

Can I beat the odd? Rendez-vous in 3 days to discover the result!


Thanks for following the serie!

Still 3 axies to giveaway, post your eth address in comment if you want one!

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