[Visual Novel Review] Ame no Marginal

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Ame no Marginal (Rain's Marginal) is a very short Visual Novel about a world of rain that can only hold one person.


Ame no Marginal (Rain's Marginal)

The Story & Characters

The visual novel is separated in two stories.
New chapters are only unlocked after you read a chapter from each. They converge at one point.

The first story is about a man who is sick of his tiring and uneventful life. He goes to the 7th floor of his company each week thinking of jumping off to run away from his life. One day, he finds an 8th floor button in the elevator and it takes him to another rainy world.

In this rainy world, the man meets a young girl who tells him about this world. The time is stopped there, he won't get hungry nor die. His story follows his interactions with the girl and knowing more about the world.


The second story is about a shrine maiden whom is tasked with a harsh task (which included never speaking) to make up for a sin she never committed to a God she's not sure existed. The circumstances lead to her finding the rainy world and meeting one person there.


The stories explore the depression, immortality. Meaning of life and so on in unique angles.

There isn't much focus on characters as they feel they're only there to move the story forward. I believe there's only one named character in the entire Visual Novel.

Graphics & Presentation

The game graphics are minimal, featuring only few characters. Their sprites aren't impressive looking and most of time they aren't pictured. It requires you imagining which character is talking and expressions on their faces.

While the characters are visually absent, the games backgrounds are always detailed and while most of the game happens in the rainy world (everything looks the same.)

Sound & Music

While the voice acting is minimal too. I like the music of this game. It hits home most of the powerful points in the visual novel. The music reminds me so much of Narcissu which is known for its great soundtrack.

Very Short But Thoughtful

It only took me four hours to finish Ame no Marginal. I found its take on depression and immortality thoughtful.

It's not really the best VN and I won't recommend it to most people. With its minimalistic graphics and heavy need of imagination it's hard to recommend it to people.

Not being character driven makes it different than the usual Visual Novels. But it somehow feels like Narcissu (a free VN by the same author I reviewed here.) so I recommend it if you liked that story.


While both stories are interesting I enjoyed the girl's story a lot. Her story without spoiling anything is an emotional roller-coaster. I found myself clicking impatiently to know more of what happens to her.

The world of rain is fascinating
and I enjoyed its rules as the visual novel explained them.

What do you think?

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Love that you're back to reviewing these Visual Novels. You find the coolest stuff! :)


Thanks, hope to review more of them!