ahmadmanga Picks #10 | Strange Controllers and Games in One Min.

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Welcome to another post of my usually-not-Daily Picks, I liked the posts I read today so here we are again.


Salam (Peace)

Welcome ahmadmanga Picks. I took a break from steemit for a while but here I'm returning. (I returned to twitter too.

Today I only picked gaming posts but I usually pick from writing posts too... Please read my announcement to know the intended audience of my Daily Picks and about the rating system used here (Clarity/Novelty/Fun.)

~ The Announcement Post ~

Today's Picks:

Reasons you should buy a PS4

by @steemgc

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength
#Gaming, PlaystationA+B+A+800wrds

A list of 6 video PS4 exclusive that could be a reason to get a PS4 for you: Playstation VR, Horizon Zero, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Until Dawn as well as others. The post is surprisingly well formatted and fun to read. They didn't mention my most waited game though which would be Kingdom Hearts series (not that I have PS4 for that to matter.)

By the way, the group #steemgc (and its tag) is probably the biggest steem gaming comunity right now!! I'm glad for this group existence.

Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller - Videogame History #75

by @gabox

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength
#Gaming, #Console DevicesA+SA~500wrds

I always knew there is more to gaming that I never could know, but I was really surprised when I saw this post: A FISHING Controller, an official one by SEGA? who could've thought? This post explains about the conroller and showcases how some games took advantage of its uniqueness.

Minit (PC, Xbox One, PS4) Review

by @g-mor

Post NicheClarityNoveltyFunLength
#Gaming, ReviewBAA+1200wrds

A review about the recenly released game: Minit. A small game that depends deeply on the less is more rule. Having only two colors, only two buttons (one just kills you so you can restart,) simple 1-minute goals and many things you can do by these simple mechanics.

Totally my type of a game, so simple yet makes you think as you play how to use the most of is simplicity~ A similar game I reiewed is Half-Minute Hero but that depends more on humor.

Honorable Mentions:

@drtarts "Why did I wait so long?"
A post about getting a higher PC, while short I liked the bit where @drtarts needed time to get used to keyboard & mouse for shooters.

@vikfrei's "Game News"
Some gaming news like announcement like the return of Spyro games, some (not sure if real) news about PS5 and a SPIDERMAN game that won't have transactions (why does the last sentence make me happy these days?)

@funkie68's "One hour one life apocalypse update is a mistake!"
That feeling when a new update of the game destroys every reason you played it for in the first place.

~ Hope you liked today's Collection ~
I really should decide soon if I should keep posting the daily picks or not, but I enjoy writing them when I have time so...



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Cover image is made using the Fishin Contoller picture from @gabox's post (source.) All other images are taken from their respective posts.

I was really surprised that they chose my little contribution to stemeet, my most sincere thanks! @ahmadmanga.

Thank you too, for reading and commenting~

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