ADSactly Want to Play some Super 8 Pool With You!

in gaming •  5 months ago

We love this idea that we came across in the #Trending Section of Steemit a few minutes ago. We thought it wouldn't hurt to Validate our Account and tell the rest of our Loyal #Followers about this awesome Game.

If you have Played Pool before in the real world and you have some #Skills and #Trickshots show us what you got, the Top 5 People on the Leaderboard for Super 8 Pool (Powered By Steemit) Will receive 1000 ADSactly Community Units each.

If there isn't a leaderboard may we suggest that something like that is implemented in the future versions of this Game?

We want to show our support of @princewahaj What he has developed here is actually @ADSactly what we have been waiting for on the Blockchain.

Skill-Based Games where people can play for Fun and Earn Real STEEM and if they Lose they Lose Nothing!

You, Sir, are a Genius and you deserve the dedicated support from ADSactly and beyond. We like to promote projects that produce real value and we don't like supporting projects that are Counter-Productive which in turn Destroys Value, Wealth, Power, Control etc.

We would be honoured if you took the time to join one of the ADSactly Discord Community Hangouts to tell us all about the

@Super8BallClub and share with the rest of the #community what your future projects will be.

Below we have taken the liberty to link the official Post and Game Link for people that are interested in playing Super8Ball on their Android Tablet or Smart Phone. We have also included the short description that explains some basic details about the Game.

What is Super 8 Ball Club?

Super 8 Ball Club is an android game that I developed in c# and javascript with my friend. It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

download the Super Ball 8 Game

We hope you guys decide to try this Game out it really looks like a real winner!

Our Game Tracking Tag is "ADSToshi"

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Is it a cool thing to see a good post on a trending page. This one is what is that all about!! I love to play games and having an opportunity to have fun and earn money, is beyond comprehension.

I hope that people that are behind this are already in Discord channel, I know ADSactly is a great a place for them. It seems that producing the real value is a common thing you have.

Even I'm hyped about this a lot. I don't play pool that much, but with this setup, it is really tempting to try. I bet it is a fun to play and to earn at the same time. More to that, you can't lose, it seems too good to be true haha

Thanks a lot for sharing things that bring value! Keep it up!

Amazing game , i agree to play your game , such a enjoyble . Good job .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Follow my blog @powerupme

Does this game require internet connection? If it does it might be hard for people in countries like Nigeria to participate! Down here we have bad data policies and internet subscriptions are costly.

Great i like to play

Playing this would make a real sense and it would be very lovely thanks for posting g this sir

wow ... that's amazing, after I read your post, I just know, it turns out that you are making the game 8 Ball Club .. I am very happy to play that game on my hemfon.yes, because game 8 Ball Club does not require biya- yes hopefully geme 8 Ball Club is the biggest game of its lover and hopefully you will be the best again .. Nice @adsactly :)

Great post sir..i love the game..I will like to play. Thanks for sharing

Awesome..... I'm off to check it out

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@adsactly Will be looking forward to be playing against you!! Must warn you...I really suck at this game...but I really enjoy it👍

I would love to play @adsactly. I love 8ball. Great post though!


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Wow am a fan of gaming, still looking for how to get payd while playing online games

I was checking it out now and really love the idea. It would be great to have other games too in the future. It is fun and Steemians can earn some extra SBD, doing what they love to do :)

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Thanks for the great advice!

Super 8 pool is an awesome app.

@SPL also hosts a poker League for anyone interested, another way to earn SBD! checkout

woww this is the interesting information hopefully many participate in the Game, the spirit for all of you greetings prosperous @adsactly🙏🙏🙏

successful friends, let's exchange vout by way of mutual visit to our blog each @zuhrafriska

successful friends, let's exchange vout by way of mutual visit to our blog each @zuhrafriska

I'm a damn real gamer ill sure wait to play this one.

Wow. I'll go give it a look, sounds like fun. Maybe my mis spent youth in Pool Halls and Bowling Alleys wasn't so mis spent after all. REDEMPTION!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I love this sort of project!

Guys kindly check out my post on wireless charging n don't forget to upvote. Thanks

Awesome, I will like to play. Thanks for sharing

This is an interesting project. First of all, he is interested in many people who prefer to play games. But it will also attract people who want to benefit (in this case, profit) from the time spent. In simple words - people who want to benefit. This project will help any player to get a double benefit. The first is to have fun, and the second is to get a reward. Is not that great?

An excellent advantage for many interested players is the fact that you will not lose anything. Yes, it really will attract users. In this game you get positive emotions, excitement and do not lose anything. This is a great advantage.

I was interested in this game. I think that many others also want to try this wonderful game. Thank you!

Oh, my God! Be fascinated with the idea, there is no better way to earn money than having fun, count on me, I already place it to download on my tablet, another thing guys, leave your Discord link please

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Thanks for the discovery, I did not know this game with possibility of winning in Steem. I am currently playing a game based on ogame which also allows to win a little steem. I'm downloading this game of pool hoping not to be too bad. upvoted ^^