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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Once again we return to the dystopian future where everything has been turned upside down and the evil nazi's have taken over the world.

I should put out a stern warning that this game is really not suitable for our younger gamers, and if you are not into violence and loads of shooting, this game is definitely not for you. If I were you I would look away right now and read no further, because this one is all about shooting first and then asking questions a few days later.

A little bit of history for those of you not all too familiar with Wolfenstein; this was one of the first video games I played on the old home computer growing up. It was called Wolfenstein 3D and was released in 1992, back when everything still ran on MS-DOS, and was probably one of the first games to use a rudimentary 3D game engine. This was a revolutionary building block for the future of gaming, as well as being regarded as having helped popularize the first-person shooter genre. Wolfenstein 3D was actually the third game in the series, the first two games used basic 2D 8bit graphics.

Fast forward to where we are today in the gaming world, where it's almost impossible to distinguish the difference between movies and games, and the realism is second to none. Wolfenstein has really come a long way and it is amazing to see the progression of stories we grew up with, growing up with us.

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The story continues from where the previous game Wolfenstein: The New Order ended, and begins with a catch up of the events that previously occurred.

I wrote a review on the previous game a few months ago, so you guys can go read that here to get up to speed on what has happened. The story begins with our hero Blazkowicz, escaping the massive fortress which then gets blown to kingdom come, heavily injured, he is rescued by his comrades but then falls into a five month long comma. To save his life they unfortunately have to remove some of his organs, which leaves him in a very frail state. When he eventually wakes up he finds himself on the onboard the stolen Nazi U-boat, which he helped acquire in the previous game, called Eva's Hammer. Anya, the women he had fallen in love with before, informs him that she is pregnant with twins.

The submarine is then attacked by the sadistic Nazi commander Engel, who was severely injured by Blazkowicz and left for dead. Unable to walk properly and still very disorientated from the long coma, he has to fight his way to reach the women he loves. When he eventually gets to her, he is informed the their leader Caroline has been captured along with the submarine, which is now being suspended by Engel's huge airship. Blazkowicz devises a plan that and finally frees the submarine allowing for them to escape, but in all the madness Caroline is executed by Engel. The group decides to carry out their fallen friend Caroline's plan to undermine the Nazis and liberate America.

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This second installment of the Wolfenstein series has made some great improvements on what already was a fantastically fun game.

The developers put some really good writing behind the cast of character this time round, with really memorable heroes facing off against some deeply demented villains. There is an art form to finding just the right balance between hero and villain, when mastered it emotionally connects you to the game. What I really loved is how the writes carefully balance the emotions that you experience throughout the game, one moment you are beyond outraged and a few minutes later you find yourself laughing your head off. The humor works very well to offset the very dark reality of what the game is actually about, that and that you are fighting this evil.

The environment has a very dreary setting which is what you would expect from a Nazi-occupied America. There is a very heavy mechanical, high-tech feel to the entire game, but somehow still has that dated sixties look. I loved the advertising campaign that the developers put together for the game that perfectly illustrates the visual feel of the game, you can check those out in the first video I linked above. There weren't really any new additions to your assortment of weapons and it's very much the same as before, but each weapon does now come with up-gradable enhancements. The welcomed new addition is the enhancement suit which was worn by Caroline in the game before. This now keeps Blazkowicz's weakened body functioning at peak performance with some added benefits.

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"Buddy. I've laid my life in the line for Freedom, Justice and the American way while you and your "Bohemian" friends were passing out Bolshevik Propaganda and avoiding the draft on every street corner. What good is your f@%kin' "equality"? You can't muster the back bone to stick up for your people, while the Coyote is scratching at your front door." - William 'B.J.' Blazkowicz

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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is a fantastic first person shooter, but what truly took the cake was the brilliantly written characters and the amazing dialog performances of the cast.

General Engel is as memorable a villain as you’re likely to find, which perfectly balanced with that of Blazkowicz, who very much reminds me of Brad Pitt's character in Inglorious Bastards. There are a few ideas from the first game that have a bearing in this one, like when you had to choose between which of your two buddies get to survive. Luckily for those who haven't played the first game and even if you did, you are able to make that decision at the beginning of this game, either choice changes the story ever so slightly and gives you different weapon options.

The game is a roller coaster ride of action and emotion from start to finish, and I enjoyed every second of it. The linear game style makes it easy to follow and also does not get you too far sided tracked like some games, where you realize a week into it that you haven't even completed half of the story line.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by good people at MachineGames, who also created the previous title.

The game is published by Bethesda Softworks, who you probably must know by now and if you don't they brought us amazing games like Fallout and Dishonored to only name a few. It was released about six months ago so it's still pretty new and is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. They will also be launching this on the Nintendo Switch, which has been scheduled for release in June. I picked this up last month during the PlayStation Easter sale for less than half the retail price, so be sure too look out for deals.

I give The New Colossus a rating of 9/10

It was very satisfying playing this and emotionally intriguing and at times some good laughs, exactly what entertainment should be.

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In case you missed it, here is the previous game review

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.


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Another great review @morkrock. This one is way too crazy haha Me like it a lot :)

Today, the graphics in the games are very realistic. Imagine being kud now. We were hyped on wolvenstein 3D, and kids nowadays gets this :O Sometimes I understand why it's that kids are playing games tol much, just look at this game and there are a lot of others similar to this, that makes your brain swim in dopamine.

I'm glad there is a good enough story behind it. If Bethesda does it, it's probably good :) although, the last Fallout failed miserabily,
as long as I'm co concerned, I don't like it at all.. Thanks for sharing this with us bro ;))

Have a great gaming game! Loads of F5s :)


Thank you kindly for you awesome compliments bro. Yeah totally, imagine we had these games growing up, I would also probably not want to ever leave the house lol

Awesome. I love, fps nag, always a lot of violence as I like, graphics at the top and always the presence of 2 guns at the same time, it's terrible, it's very rare in a fps. for all those who complain about phases of infiltration less suitable in this part, the guys we play wolfenstein not mg, it's a game where you do not lint or you infiltrate like a coward, you You must be deceived. Only problem: the new voice of the hero (that of bruce willis) even if it is not unpleasant to hear, it does not really stick with the character of big nag of the hero. the previous one much more serious was much better, but the doubler is dead, so at a moment inevitably it stuck, but we can not list it as a defect. big game, go there with your eyes closed.

I'm really interested in this game, it has exceptional graphics. I must admit that I never heard of this game, until today, thanks to you for showing it to me friend, I'm a fan of this kind of games, in fact some of my favorites are "Call of Duty" and "Farcry", although.... how to forget "Counter Strike"? I remember that during my childhood I used to connect and play with my friends, although sometimes we still do it to remember old times.
It is incredible to know that there is a game with such good graphics that collects information about some fantasy world war, I can't wait to play this game, I will add it to my list of games.
A thousand thanks my dear friend, you have made me remember good times and encouraged me to live longer, I send you a big hug from Venezuela my friend @adsactly


Say whaaaat, can't believe you have never heard of Wolfenstein? I'm glad I was able to show you something new.


Seriously, man, I've never heard of it, thanks!! @morkrock

The first part of the game was released in 2014. She was very pleased with the players' uniqueness and cruelty. Gloomy and atmospheric first-person shooter with a lot of violence and blood.

The second part of the gameplay has changed little. It has become more improved from the graphical side. Actions as usually occur in the US, which is occupied by the Nazis. The plot of the game is quite good and voluminous. The game itself on the plot has no purpose to tell about a new life in the USA. You as a player will have to find and learn new things yourself, using stolen information from Nazi bases. There are many options for obtaining information. From committing attacks to their total destruction.

In my opinion, in addition to violence and murder, the developers were able to put psychology into the game. It will be gradually manifested by the main characters. They will share their problems and thoughts in the video scenes. In my opinion this game is much better than the first part. My personal opinion converges on good, so I can safely recommend it. But only those who turned 18 years old :)

Thanks for the interesting review! The game is interesting and worth attention!


Haha yeah definitely not recommended for our younger viewers. The two games are actually both standalone, and this is the sequel to the first, but it could be viewed as part two. You can play this without playing the first.

This is fucking awesome!...


Hahahaha thanks

You know I don't play anything hotter than Sudoku, but I love reading your reviews.

Thanks for another dandy review. I'll tell my nephews about it :)


Hahahahaha, I will try and find something to review for you Tom

the first one still rocks =)

I hope the game play will be good. If we see the design and characters of this game then we can say that it looks awesome and looks real.


yes..environment, lighting and characters are really great...


Yeah these days its all about realism.

Mein Leben!

Grało sie w 1 ;)


Wow, this is gorgeous 😘


No idea what that means....

I'm not so young anymore, which is why I allow myself to say that at 39 years of age I still love video action games where you feel the protagonist and can recreate all that plot of the Nazi era without any doubt that with this new version it recovers its validity and I am willing to play ...

Cool! More guns, more fun! Of course that's in game only not in real life :)

That's a great gaming...I appreciate your blog.
keep it up my dear friend.... best of luck.
upvote and resteemit....done


Aww thanks!! you rock


Most welcome my friend,

The story behind the game looks perfect! I must be honest, I've never heard of this game and I've never seen images of it before. No doubt the graphs are too real :O. I've come to play other war games like "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield", as well as games like "Farcry" (I have to admit it's one of my favorites)...

My childhood (between 5 and 8 years old) was actually marked by other video games in the PSOne such as "Syphon Filter" and in adolescence the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I was very impressed by Wolfenstein.... I'll definitely put it on my playlist. When I play it, I will share my experience with you (which I think will be perfect hahaha).

Thanks for sharing the videogame @adsactly


Yeah I think you just missed the first Wolfenstein, I went from that to PSOne, that's when gaming just statted to explode.


I didn't get a chance to play it. I never heard of this game until now :(

One of the few shooter games with a good singleplayer


Yeah totally, I don't even recall if it has a multiplayer, I should go back and check.

I played the game through... I have played every Wolfenstein game except the last one released. I was actually shocked by the violence in this one. Not in a bad way... I just didn't see some of those cut scenes coming. Great graphics and story. I think ill have to go back and play the last one released by the same developer.

Looks great.
I remember how much fun playing the original Wolfenstein was many many moons ago. Thank you for posting @adsactly!!

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!


That"s just very nice of you... thanks

I am not very fond of these games, but this raise my expectation and play it now I do not stop doing it. It's great I recommend it for those who do not play it yet

good one that is amazing for that one who play gamesss............

Hi @adsactly,

It was really amazing for me to playing this with my lovely friends. And the graphics in the games are very realistic; So, I was looking for the new game and luckily I found your blog it really helped me in solving my problem.

Best of luck....

Although it has been long I played video game...this review has awoken the spirit of game in me.


It's good to have some fun from time to time, games help

Up gamers. Good one.