7 Reasons to get your tickets from @trlotto

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1- Complimentary Upvote

Ticket price is only 0.5 SBD and it comes with a complimentary upvote. The worth of this upvote will vary, however, it is currently set to $0.25, essentially cutting the cost of ticket in half. it will be a random value from $0.10 - $0.50. Your reputation must be 30 or over to get this complimentary upvote.

2- Win SBDs and Upvotes for 7 Days

You can win big if your ticket is selected in the draw. Current Prize Pool: 18.28 SBD and growing.....
Check the latest here -> http://infini8y.com/trlotto

3- Random upvotes forever.

Even if you do not win anything, your ticket(s) will be forever valid to get you random upvotes time to time

4- Provable fair draw.

Numbers are generated using the hash of the first BTC block mined after 16:00 UTC Friday, this data is publicly available and verifiable.

5- Incremental Reward Table

More tickets = More winners
Currently, the reward table changes after ticket number 20, 50, 200 and 400

6 Boosts, bonuses and free giveaways....

7- It's Fun ;-)

To Get your ticket, Send 0.5 SBD to @trlotto with "buy" in the memo.

You can also send multiples of 0.5 to buy more than one ticket

Limit 20 Tickets per user for each draw

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hey trlotto,

We didn't track your pick because you haven't registered with SportSteem.

To register just include #sportsteem in your next prediction post and you'll be on the team!

After that, you can tag just like you did here: win

Do you make an announcement post for winners?


Yes, announcement post is published right after the draw.
Here is a post from previous draw.

its great i buy tickets its very beneficial

So, if I buy the 0.5 SBD ticket, I have the chance of winning 18 SBD or so after a week?


Yes you can win upto 18 SBD, Draw is held every Friday.
For more accurate rewards, refer to the reward table here -> http://infini8y.com/trlotto

Also you'll get an upvote worth 0.25$ on buying the ticket.

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my blog no 6 rank so can i participate in this??


Yes you can


how to play?? just give you 0.5 sbd and send post memo thats it??


Yes just send 0.5 SBD with "buy" in the memo. You can also send multiples of 0.5, if you want to buy more tickets.