Getting ready to start making Board Games officially

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I've already made one so far....although it's a bit broken as it stands, however, I'm getting to the point where I will soon be able to get back into the swing of things and put those games from the back burner, to the front stove.

I have a decent handle on Unity now where I could almost make a digital version of a board game that I make now, but I still have a little bit before then.

In my most recent project where I was following a tutorial on how to make a block breaking game, I managed to make a semi decent game... I mean, it's broken... but I'm still learning. As for the broken-ass board game ideas, I'm sure they will be more poslished as we go along here.... here is a link to the block breaker game.. :

and here are a few bull shit images of the card game idea... I don't have original art yet, but I'm working on a work replacement concept and this is rough draft stuff.. Just figured I would put it up because I haven't had shit lately to post since I've been working on my stuff rather than talking about it...After all, it's what I make in the future that is truly exciting, not this stuff.......but without further ado.



pardon the overly simplistic design... I'll have something much nicer in the next run of it.

Well, ta ta for now.


The world needs more game designers :-)

I have invited you for the Minnow Booster whitelist which gives lots of benefits for quality authors, among which a higher upvote. You can read more about the MB white list on @minnowbooster or reead this post.

If you have any questions you can come to the white list channel in the Minnow Booster discord.

Thank you, and yes, we need more people developing more games. I'm working on trying to figure out Unity so that I can create digital versions of what I come up with on the board game realm.

How would you describe the gameplay? I'm getting a sort of two player combat card game vibe (similar to magic or star realms). I might be totally off base though.

In case you're unaware of it, the game design forums on board game geek have a lot of resources for game designers:

I use illustrator for most of my card design, but a lot of people use nanDeck for card layout and such. May be worth checking it out:

I'm excited to follow your progress.

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I actually used nandeck to generate those cards and I was originally trying to play test them in Tabletop simulator. Actually, those cards are used in a work replacement kind of game where players buy them from a general market to build their villages. I wanted to make a work replacement game with elements like in a deck building game...except in this case, you aren't building a deck, just buy as permanents. I'm trying to work out details with my wife now.

Oh cool. That sounds even more interesting than what I was suggesting.

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