Table Top Game Reviews: Pandemic

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I love playing Pandemic. Unlike most games, it's a collaborative game where everyone works together instead of competing against each other. The goal is to cure the diseases before you have too many outbreaks, you run out of cubes in one color, or you run out of city cards.

It's a challenging game for 2 to 4 players. You certainly don't always win, even on the easiest level with only four epidemic cards (you can play with up to six).

You can buy it on Amazon (currently selling for $23.49). It's got a 7.7 rating on out of 64k ratings. That's a ton of ratings and a really great score.

Here are the main reasons I like this game:

  1. It's challenging! Even the times we think we're totally going to win, it comes down to the wire. My son Devon, @corinnestokes, and I just played again tonight, and we won by a single move! Sometimes you lose.
  2. The combination of different roles change the strategy you need to use with each game.
  3. You're continually playing and providing feedback for your team members, even when it's not "your turn." Everyone's working together to win, and you often collaborate together for the best move for everyone.
  4. As you get better at the game, you can add in more epidemic cards to increase the difficulty.

Thanks for checking out my board game review!

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I agree with this recommendation, I played this game on a Game night twice and there are many ways you can lose. There are difficulty levels that make it harder to win. Teamwork is a must and strategy. There has to be flexibility to change at a drop of a dime since it can cause a pandemic. The first time we lost the game because we ran out of cards to pull. The next game it was close finish and we saved the world. The game exhausts you but if you achieve victory it is great. I bought this game twice and gave it to a friend.
A great review of the game.

I think the game is based on cooperation it's the right thing for me and my family... because all the other games end very badly.

When I'm winning everyone unites against me, it's such a joke, even when we play with friends. My wife rebukes everyone and they throw me out of the game, and laugh. I try to pretend that I'm having fun too, but I like to win too much :)

Thanks for your recommendation.

Hahah... That's hilarious. I hope you enjoy it. There's another fun collaborative game I'll do a review on eventually called Forbidden Island. You might like it also.

Once again another board game I have never had the chance to experience... looks rather interesting though!

The board layout looks similar to Risk, although from what you've explained it plays like no other tabletop I've played before. Very cool, @lukestrokes.


This looks pretty amazing. I love these types of games, hours of play. Thanks for the post.

Nice! Never heard of it. Where'd you run across this one?

The board reminds me a lot of Risk. But Risk is super competitive. I agree with you, collaboration > competition!

My team at FoxyCart is into boardgames, especially my business partner @brettflorio. He's always trying new games out and watching for reviews on the best new ones. He found this one and I think we played it once at a conference we were sponsoring. I was hooked and had to get it.

@crypticus would love this game. Will have to check it out.

Wow this seems like a really fun game i would love to try with friends!... Also whats the minimum age recommended for this?...

I don't pay much attention to minimum ages, but the box says 8+ :)

Thanks for the article

Great review, actually gonna check this out !!!

This is a great game since it's all about helping each other and getting better! I like these kind of games that really make you think

I've seen this at the game store I play at, and now I'm going to have to buy it. I like the epidemiology theme, but I'd worried that it wouldn't be fun for my daughter. Thanks for reviewing it!

My 8 year old son Devon loves it! @corinnestokes and I like it a lot also. My middle daughter... well, she's not a fan of games that take a little longer to play. She "really, really, really" wanted to play the other day but Devon and I told her, "You're going to want to quit after you start." She's like, "No, I won't, I promise!"

Well, she started fussing half way through. Heheh. I think she might get into when she gets a bit older. She's only 6. :)

Board games are good for the whole family. Do you think it's too early to start a Christmas list? Lol Good reviews.

If you have the money, buying happiness for others shouldn't be limited to one day. :)

Thanks for the recommendation. We need something like this when I play with the family. My brother always wins and his girlfriend and my mom would probably benefit from the collaboration aspect (they're not very good at games).

You should put in an Amazon affiliate link on posts like this, by the way. I'd buy it through your link.

That's a good idea on the Amazon link, but no worries. Steemit pays me plenty. :)

Collaboration games are perfect for those who think they don't like boardgames or have trouble knowing what to do next. Since everyone's working together, you all share in the fun.

Looks really interesting, thanks for the review. Might try that real soon :)

Me and my daughters play this all the time, they love it! Remind me of Dustin Hoffman in outbreak lol

Oo, it's like the opposite of the online gane Plague Inc.? Pretty cool!

Great review, thanks for sharing it with us.

Pandemic is a fantastic game.

Have you played any of the expansions?

Not yet. Which would you recommend?

If you have friends that will play the game with you for several rounds - maybe once a month over the course of a year the Pandemic Legacy is supposed to be amazing.

The "in the lab" expansion is great - and adds an extra dimension to the game. The "on the brink" expansion does add a little more to the cooperative game and can also add a competitive element, against one player, if you feel like a bit of a change.

I've heard about Legacy and how each previous game impacts the next game. Sounds really interesting.

Thanks for the info on the expansions, I'll check them out.

Yep, Pandemic is a fantastic game!

I mastered this one on my cell-phone.

the guy on the far left looks like Edward Norton from Fight Club

Oh, cool. I didn't even know there was a mobile app for it. Only $0.99. I might have to get that one. :)

very addictive man

I'm always trying to find something do play for the weekend and this looks like a fun game to play. I will definitely try this out! Thanks for the review!

i do not know this one! :-) but it looks like the one we like, i will put it on my Sinterklaas list Sinterklaas is a kind of Holy man from spain who brings presents for all kids with good behaviour. Now i am a kid with good behaviour... :-) At our house we play a hell of a lot of Catan, all the kinds i think i have got about 5 extra gameboards for that. But my son 26, has a mental disorder, and he just lives for games. From pokemon and yughyoh and magic, to Heroquest :-) wich is about the most expensive game to buy these days especially when you want the original one. But also stratego 2 or 4 players, scrabble and just some card games.

We have a lot of other games I haven't done reviews on yet. Oh, I just realized my latest was actually on Dominion, not this one. We also play a lot of Splendor which is a great game.

That's really great that you can connect with your son and bring him joy through games. I hope you find a lot of games you both enjoy together.

I will start taking pictures while playing, ni e to talk about

The way you explain how the game is been played, looks like the game is a game to play. this is my first time of hearing about this game. I will like to try it. Weldon. good job.