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One of the most remarkable Card manipulators is without doubt Richard Turner. Born in 1954, Richards holds a black belt in karate and can do impossible things with a deck of cards.

Richard can find any card in a deck even when it is shuffled by a spectator. And if you think that is impressive wait for it, the guy is legally blind!!!

Yes you read it correctly, Richard Turner is blind! He can’t see the cards!

Richard calls himself a card mechanic rather than a magician. He lost his eyesight at the age of 7 after which his other senses improved considerably. He claims he can see by touch.

Enjoy and prepare to be amazed.


there is no such thing as impossible!
and he sees with his mind, not his hands...

You're partly right, objects are projected in his mind but his vision source is touch. He explained that if he touches an object a picture is immediately created in his mind.

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